What are intramurals?

The Metropolitan Community Colleges Athletic Department is working to provide an intramural program for you, the MCC student. We are making efforts to mold this program with individual and team sports activities that will allow each student of the Metropolitan Community Colleges to be active, social, and to have fun with other MCC students through recreational play.

Our Intramural program encourages all students to participate in organized activities regardless of skill level. Activities may range from an Open Play format, a Single Game format, a Tournament format or a League. MCC will offer the intramurals at all the campuses to help bridge the district and students while enjoying fun activities.

Just because you attend class at one campus does not mean you can't participate in an event on another campus. Ultimately, we are here for YOU!

Who is eligible to participate in intramurals?

Anyone who is a current MCC student enrolled in classes in the Metropolitan Community Colleges at one of the Kansas City Metro locations can participate in Intramurals.

Why should I participate in intramurals?

  • Stay active
  • Meet new people from your campus and maybe from another MCC campus
  • Unwind from studying
  • Learn how to play a new game or sport
  • Play a sport or a game that you enjoy
  • Have fun!

Registration requirements

  • All waivers/registrations must be completed, signed and submitted to MCC's Intramural office either in person or scanned (front and back) and emailed to the intramural office to register for an event.
  • Waivers will be available at the site of the event. Age requirements still apply. A waiver may be turned in at the event as long as it is signed by the participant (18 years old or older). If the participant is under 18, the waiver must be signed by their parent or legal guardian before participating.
  • If a waiver is not signed that individual will not be permitted to participate.
  • Any interested students may call to express interest or ask any questions regarding any event.
  • Campus Life and Leadership offices on each campus are available to answer questions.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, waiver requirements, or anything else associated with Intramurals and their services, please contact Darren Muckey at 816.604.2410.

Activity descriptions

We want your feedback!

To better serve your activity needs, please complete one of the surveys below. Your opinions are appreciated.

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