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International Students

Pending Permanent Residents

A pending permanent resident is a person intending to become an immigrant, to live permanently and work in the United States.

Therefore, you are considered a pending permanent resident if you have filed for permanent resident status (USCIS form I-485) and your case is pending and/or a decision has not been made. The following requirements will need to be completed before enrollment is allowed.

  1. Domestic Student Application (PDF).
  2. Provide original Form I-797 Notice of Action showing the application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status has been received by the USCIS and the case is pending. Employment Authorization Document (EAD card), marriage license, and attorney letters will not be accepted as evidence of lawful presence.


International students who marry an American citizen will be granted local tuition rates based on residency once they have shown the receipt from USCIS. The student must maintain a full course load (12 credit hours) until conditional permanent residency is granted by the USCIS.

Last Modified: 7/26/18