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Below are the 5 requirements for maintaining lawful status. Please contact the International Student Services with any questions.

  1. Enroll and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each fall and spring semester. Summer is optional unless you enter the U.S. on an I-20 that begins with the summer term.
  2. Do not participate in any off-campus or unauthorized employment.
  3. Maintain a current passport and I-20. The I-20 is valid until the program end date. If you have not completed your program, you can request an extension of your I-20. You must submit a new bank statement. You should request an extension I-20 at least 30 days prior to the expiration date.
  4. You must inform MCC within 10 days of moving. You can do this by updating your myMCCKC account.
  5. You can only take one course via internet in any term to count toward a full course of study.

Notice: Accruing Unlawful Presence for F-1 Students

F-1 students who fall out of status as of August 9, 2018 will start to accrue days of unlawful presence. Whether done intentionally or not, falling out of status can now have a serious effect on students as the accrual can result in students being barred from entering the United States for 3 years, 10 years, or even permanently.

The International Student Services Office is happy to meet with students to briefly explain this change; however, we will ask all students who fall out of status to consult a qualified immigration attorney. This will be asked of students to ensure they are getting the most accurate and updated information and assistance to avoid any dire consequences to their status or future.

Sources: USCIS New Release and NAFSA Statement

Reduction in Course Load

The SEVIS system (Student Exchange Visitor System) is real-time. This means that if you withdraw from a class, you will immediately be reported to USCIS. Please make sure you maintain your full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) every fall and spring semester. (Summer is optional). Please remember that if you do not attend your classes, your instructors can withdraw you. Check the student handbook and course syllabi for guidelines for your class.

There are certain situations when a student can take fewer than 12 credit hours and still maintain their legal F-1 status. Generally, these reasons include: last semester to graduate or a specific medical condition. Please make an appointment with the International Counselor to discuss your situation.

Last Modified: 8/21/19