Innovation eventMCC is committed to fostering a culture of innovation to support new ideas, promote organizational efficiency and encourage collaborative problem-solving across the district. The College achieves these goals through innovative initiatives including:

  1. A district-wide Innovation Council comprised of the Chancellor, other administrators, faculty and staff.
  2. The facilitation and support of staff-led innovation through idea advancement and large scale events.
  3. An annual Innovation Academy that empowers MCC employees with the skills and tools they need to utilize innovation in their professional and personal lives.

What is innovation?

MCC defines innovation as the value derived through everyday problem solving, new idea advancement and relevant employee development.

Innovation is more than an invention or a big idea; innovation is for everyone. The College aspires to help employees tap into their innovative potential to make MCC the best it can be.

MCC innovation purpose statement

To establish a culture of innovation within MCC by creating pathways for employees to have a greater impact on our students and community.

About the Innovation Council

The Innovation Council, comprised of district employees of all classifications and a diverse array of roles, meets monthly to lead the development of the innovative process, review staff-submitted innovation ideas and further support the advancement of employee-led innovation through large scale conversations and events.

2022 Council Members

  • Kimberly Beatty, Chancellor
  • Jessica Biever, Laboratory Specialist,
  • John Chawana, Vice Chancellor, Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Technology
  • Ed Foley, Executive Director of Enterprise Project Management, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
  • John Hudson, Director of Recruitment, Enrollment and Business Development, Workforce and Economic Development Division
  • Kaitlyn Kelly, Campus Life and Leadership Coordinator
  • Susan McMillian, Surgical Technology Program Coordinator
  • Ryan Meador, Registrar
  • Richard Monroe, Student Engagement Manager
  • Kimberly Oxley, Website Manager
  • Tatia Shelton, Career Services Coordinator
  • Sydney Stewart, Project Coordinator
  • Amie Young, Senior Project Lead

Innovation Flow ChartIdea advancement

MCC aims to leverage employee ideas to develop a system that employs innovation as an instrument for organizational change. Employees who have innovative ideas they'd like to see implemented at MCC are encouraged to submit their ideas for consideration by the Innovation Council.

Idea submission form

The Innovation Council reviews submitted ideas every month. During the review process, the submitter is invited to pitch their idea and answer questions from the council. The submission is then taken through a process flowchart (PDF) to determine whether the idea fits the MCC Innovation purpose statement. Ideas in accordance with the purpose statement are brought before the Executive Cabinet for support to be taken through the MCC Innovation Cycle.

Innovation events

In addition to facilitating idea submission through regular council meetings, the Innovation Council supports the advancement of innovation through events and programming that bring the campus community together to learn, explore and engage.

Values academy

One of the signature programs sponsored by the Innovation Council is the annual Values Academy. Co-sponsored by the Learning and Development Council, Values Academy is a multi-week professional development program designed to empower MCC students and employees with the tools and resources to embrace MCC’s five organizational values in their work.

Registration for the 2022 Values Academy is now open! Values Academy will meet from 10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. on the following Fridays. Each session will focus on one of MCC’s organizational values and will be held at one of MCC’s campuses.

  • October 7 - Excellence
  • October 21 - Learning
  • November 4 - Equity
  • November 18 - People
  • December 2 - Integrity

A final schedule will be distributed to accepted applicants. Applications are due September 26.

Apply today!

For more information, please contact the Innovation Council