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Strengths-Based Coaching® has several derivatives and breakout sessions available to you and your staff, as well as the original training for technical assistance professionals and leaders. Francis Institute for Child and Youth Development can create a workshop and/or tailor an existing workshop to meet your needs.

Training offerings and workshop topics

Strengths-Based Coaching®: a Journey into Coaching (12 Hours)

Leaders and technical assistance professionals in education and human service organizations focus on five foundations: adult learning theory, core beliefs, how we approach others, relationship building and communication on the first day. These foundations support the seven stages consisting of setting goals, supporting the implementation of goals, reviewing progress towards goals. Specific skills and tasks at each stage in this process guide coach and coachee toward shared vision, goals and quality improvement.

Why Won't They Change?

Change isn't easy. Learn about conditions that lead to change, and discuss how to apply that information in your work. Come ready to think in a new way about effectively supporting others through change. You will try out a practical, strengths-based strategy you can use tomorrow!

10 Tips For Coaching Adults: A Strengths-Based Approach (2.0 Hours)

Turn staff on to excitement Learn 10 tips to support adults to become enthusiastic, contributing members of your team. Inspire each staff to work toward a shared vision and mission as an integral part of your organization. Get everyone on board!

5 Tips For Coaching Adults: A Strengths-Based Approach (1.5 hours)

Learn 5 tips to support adults to become enthusiastic, contributing members of your team. Inspire each staff to become an integral part of your organization, refocusing on the child's right to a quality education.

Coaching Strategies For Resolving Tough Conversations

Tough conversations happen! What are the keys to resolving issues and moving toward establishing a mutual goal? How do we share news that may be unwelcome? In this session you will explore and practice techniques for handling these conversations in your leadership role.

How To Talk So Adults Will Listen And Listen So Adults Will Talk

Communicating with staff or families is vital...but can be challenging! Join us to explore strategies to overcome barriers to communication. Discover tips for enhancing your communication with staff and families.

Leading With Vision

Having a vision for your program can set your heart on fire and spark the dreams of staff, children and families! In this dynamic, interactive session, you will explore your role as a visionary leader. Come develop ideas for writing and using your vision as a compass for program success. Discover a framework to guide your daily tasks and decision-making as you focus on your vision. Examine strategies to strengthen relationships, create positive connections, and inspire growth and commitment within the community of your program.

Begin With The End In Mind: Using Outcomes Ot Intentionally Improve Programs (1.5 Hours)

What is "Outcomes-Based Planning and Evaluation"? Discover strategies for using baseline evaluation data as you partner with programs to develop improvement plans and to intentionally track ongoing progress. Learn ways to help practitioners link their efforts to meet outcomes with positive results for children, families, staff and the program.

Catch Them Doing Well: How Our Beliefs Affect Our Leadership

Who we are and what we believe about other people affects our relationships and interactions. Explore your own beliefs about human nature, and the Core Beliefs of Strengths-Based Coaching®. Discover ideas for motivating and working with adults starting at their current level of experience and education and moving toward higher quality.

Getting the Full Picture: Gathering Information Objectively and Intentionally

How do we gather information about programs and practitioners? What is our purpose for conducting observations? Join us to discuss strategies to maximize our effectiveness as objective observers of programs' strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Goals Get 'Em Going: Planning And Achieving SMART Goals

What are the components of effective goals? How can we partner with staff to develop and achieve program goals? Learn how to support others in developing intentional, concrete action steps that become a commitment for change. Explore strategies to support staff working to achieve goals.