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Title III Personnel MCC-Blue River

Title III Personnel - MCC-Blue River

Kim Poindexter
Title III Manager
MCC-Blue River
20301 East 78 Highway 
Independence, Missouri 64057

Bill Morgan IV
Title III Activity Director/Curriculum Designer
MCC-Blue River
20301 East 78 Highway 
Independence, Missouri 64057

Title III Administrative Assistant
MCC-Blue River
20301 East 78 Highway 
Independence, Missouri 64057

Courtney Yount McGinnis
Title III Advising Services Developer
MCC-Blue River
20301 East 78 Highway
Independence, Missouri  64057

David Collins
SI Coordinator
MCC-Blue River
20301 East 78 Highway 
Independence, Missouri 64057


Title III Director

Kim Poindexter, MCC-BR’s Title III Director, will serve the grant full-time. As director, she will have full autonomy to administer the project and will report directly to the MCC-BR President. The Director will supervise and evaluate the Title III administrative assistant and the Title III Activity Director/Curriculum Designer, conduct weekly staff meetings, and will review all necessary reports and documents required of Title III (, time and effort, monthly progress report, purchase orders, budget review, etc.). The Director will work closely with the Title III staff to ensure the proper and timely implementation of all grant activities. The Director will oversee budget management of grant funds and maintain compliance to ensure equitable access and participation for all project activities and services. The Director will attend meetings of the President’s Cabinet; meet periodically with the President and Deans of the institution for instruction; and brief department chairs and directors at various committee meetings. The Director will submit all federal performance reports for each project year and work closely with the Title III Advisory team to institutionalize practices and improvements.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide overall project leadership and supervision, keeping college administration apprised (monthly, weekly, as necessary) of project progress and concerns
  • Supervise/evaluate the Activity Director/Curriculum Designer and Administrative Assistant
  • Lead recruitment/selection of project personnel
  • Approve expenditures, maintain budget control, and assume responsibility for appropriate use of funds
  • Oversee preparation of project fiscal reports for USDE & PV
  • Facilitate, oversee development and implementation of effective, objective, project evaluation
  • Establish, maintain effective communication procedures to assure project congruence with institutional goals    
  • Remain current regarding Title III and U.S. Dept. of Education policies, grant terms and conditions to assure program compliance throughout the grant period 


Title III Activity Director/Curriculum Designer

Bill Morgan IV, MCC-BR's Title III Activity Director/Curriculum Designer, will serve the grant full-time. The Activity Director/Curriculum Designer will supervise development work of activity staff and lead course development initiatives, including coordination of professional development. Blue River will begin absorbing salary and fringe costs for this position during Year 3 of the grant.    

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee daily activity implementation, ensure completion of strategies and accomplishment of annual activity objectives
  • Supervise FY Services Developer, Advising Services Developer, SI Coordinator, and faculty designing and piloting curricula
  • Supervise instruction/services in project labs
  • Oversee, provide leadership for curricular design
  • Coordinate faculty professional development 
  • Assist in evaluation data collection and analysis
  • Assist in institutionalizing redesigned curricula, student support systems 


Title III Administrative Assistant

MCC Blue River’s Title III Administrative Assistant serves the grant part-time.  She is responsible for daily operations of the Title III office and assist the Title III Director as needed. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Perform general secretarial and clerical duties as they related to Title III activities
  • Plan and maintain a filing system for various areas of responsibilities
  • Serve as recording secretary for various Title III meetings
  • Operate and maintain computer and office equipment
  • Prepare orders for office supplies and equipment
  • Track Title III inventory
  • Schedule Title III appointments
  • Collect, disseminate, and report information in response to routine requests; answer and respond to telephone calls; receive, open and distribute
  • Perform other related responsibilities or tasks as assigned


First Year Services Developer

Ashley Rogers, MCC-Blue River's Title III First Year Services Developer, reports to the Activity Director/Curriculum Designer, this position will work closely with Blue River student services and instructional technology staff, as well as the Title III Advising Services Developer to design and coordinate the FYE services of diagnostic assessment, orientation, early alert, degree audit, and career planning. The position will end with project completion. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead redesign/development of student services as part of new FYE system
  • Coordinate with instructional tech., other appropriate divisions to integrate FYE services into PV’s support structure
  • Coordinate with Advising Services Developer to integrate new services with case management advising, peer mentoring 
  • Provide staff training in FYE services
  • Assist in data collection, analysis 
  • Assist in institutionalizing FYE


Advising Services Developer

The Advising Services Developer will lead design, development and pilots of the new case management system for advising and peer mentoring. The position will develop and deliver intrusive advising appropriate to individual academic and support needs, supervise and provide appropriate training for case managers and peer mentors, and train other advising staff in case management and intrusive advising strategies—thereby increasing our capacity to institutionalize this new practice.  Salary for the position will be absorbed by Blue River starting in Year 3 of the grant.  

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Lead development of case management system for advising and peer mentoring
  • Coordinate FYE Services Developer to ensure coordination with other FYE services
  • Pilot intrusive advising to identified caseloads of first-year students
  • Train and supervise Case Managers, Peer Mentors
  • Provide BR staff/advisor training in case management, intrusive advising
  • Assist in data collection, analysis 
  • Assist in institutionalization of initiatives


SI (Supplemental Instruction) Coordinator

David Collins, MCC-BR's SI Coordinator, is a current faculty member hired at 10% in Year 1 to assist in infusing SI into new course designs, and at 25% in Years 2-5 to coordinate SI pilots across targeted courses.  The position will work directly with target course faculty and SI Leaders to coordinate, implement, evaluate, and modify SI.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Trains and coordinates SI leaders during pilots
  • Provides training and assistance to faculty to infuse SI into target courses


SI Leaders and Peer Mentors

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders and Peer Mentors (hourly) will be hired to support pilots of SI and Peer Mentoring. SI Leaders must have successfully completed the course for which they will assist students, and requirements for both positions include at least three references and the ability to work well with peers. 

Duties and Responsibilities for SI Leaders

  • Provide academic support for piloted course options

Duties and Responsibilities for Peer Mentors

  • Mentor students in case management pilots; refer to Case Managers as appropriate


Case Managers

Case Managers will be paid contractually.  Blue River will contract with the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) and other area universities to identify graduate students in Master of Social Work programs and graduate level Higher Ed Programs. Case managers will be contracted to track and provide appropriate interventions to assigned student caseloads, meeting at least four times a semester with assigned students to provide timely, individualized assistance, timely interventions, and service referrals.  


Last Modified: 6/1/18