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Program Purpose


Title III grants focus on improving the success and persistence of first-year developmental education and gateway students through a curriculum redesign supported by a revised First-Year Experience (FYE), the introduction of a case management/intrusive advising program, and the use Supplemental Instruction and instructional technology to support students in traditionally difficult courses.

Title III projects support the Mission of Metropolitan Community College: Metropolitan Community College is committed to developing a comprehensive learning system that integrates academic and first-year student support to improve underprepared students’ progress, persistence, and success.

The Title III project calls for a redesign of developmental writing, reading and mathematics courses to add new modular, mastery-based options to enable improved student learning and accelerated progress through essential pre-college level courses. Similarly, key freshman-level gateway courses are redesigned to infuse interactive, active and collaborative learning, instructional technology, basic skills reinforcement and inquiry-based strategies to increase student success.

The project also calls for development of a comprehensive First Year Experience (FYE) program and case management with intrusive advising. These parts of the project use a robust student tracking system, new diagnostic assessment tools, and peer mentoring of at-risk first year freshmen.  The new student tracking system helps the case management/advising program through the use of Early Alerts and Degree Audit. High-need students need these services and support to successfully navigate the many challenges that threaten their persistence to graduation.

The Title III Policies and Procedures Manual assists personnel in carrying out the objectives of the Title III grant and in monitoring the expenditures associated with approved budgets for the activities.  This Manual is in place to ensure that:

  • resources are used in a manner consistent with MCC-PV policies and procedures and within the Department of Education policies.
  • proper stewardship of funds in that all expenditures directly related to the grant objectives and are allowable, allocable, and reasonable.
  • work is performed in compliance with grant application and objectives.
  • adequate records are maintained to demonstrate progress toward project goals.
  • compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements is met.
  • personnel are of a quality commensurate with their responsibilities. 

 “The purpose of the Title III Strengthening Institutions Program is to provide grants to eligible institutions of higher education to improve their academic programs, institutional management, and fiscal stability in order to increase their self-sufficiency and strengthen their capacity to make a substantial contribution to the higher education resources of the Nation.” (34 CFR 607.1)


Last Modified: 6/1/18