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Literary Festival - Attendees

Literary Festival Keynote speaker: B.G. ThomasKeynote speaker: B.G. Thomas

Author B.G. "Ben" Thomas has written more than 30 gay-themed novels, novellas and short stories including "The Boy Who Came in From the Cold." He lives in Kansas City with his husband, whom he married in 2014. Thomas loves many literary genres including romance, comedies, fantasy, science fiction and even horror. As far as he is concerned, if a story is character driven and entertaining, genre doesn't matter.

Participating Speakers and Authors

  • J.R. Boles
  • James Burford
  • Lynette Burrows
  • Amy Buster
  • Robert Christiansen
  • W.D. County
  • Laura Croston
  • Sean Demory
  • J.R. Frontera
  • Edwin Frownfelter
  • Ben Furnish
  • Rod A. Galindo
  • Stephanie Hansen
  • Jennifer Haskin
  • Kristin Helling
  • Quin Lamb
  • Kristin McTiernan
  • Steven Francis Murphy
  • Xan Overton
  • Jerry Parrish
  • Carlos Perez
  • Linda Rodriquez
  • Susan Satterfield
  • Aisha Sharif
  • Janet Sunderland
  • Dennis Young

Participating Groups

  • BkMk Press and New Letters
  • Dead Horse Society
  • La Resistencia
  • Summit Scribes Writers Group
  • True Colors (MCC-Longview LGBTQ club)
Last Modified: 10/24/18