Prepare to Enroll

"Prepare to Enroll" in Your myMCCKC Student Center

Your myMCCKC Student Center walks you through the enroll and pay process; it's also where you can view your grades, records, financial aid and instructor/MCC messages.

The first step to enrolling is completing your required Prepare to Enroll section, which will be available 2 weeks before enrollment begins each semester. You’re required to complete this step before you can select and enroll in classes. If not completed ahead of time, you will be directed to Prepare to Enroll when you go to enroll.

After completing this step, you'll be ready to select classes, enroll and make your payment arrangements when online enrollment opens!

Prepare to Enroll includes:

  • Details about our payment options
  • Verify or edit your contact information, including MCC Notify Me
  • Tell us your current goal on the Student Profile
  • Your financial aid status as it relates to Pell grants
  • Details of any holds on your record that would prevent you from enrolling

Additional instructions by student type