Affinity Groups

At MCC, affinity groups create a culture of inclusion and employee engagement. In addition, affinity groups function as part of the Shared Governance structure because their leaders serve as advisors on the Chancellor’s Advisory Council.  All employees are invited to participate and join affinity groups during orientation, whether they share an identity with the group or recognize themselves as an ally.

Affinity groups are a place of support and safety for members of historically marginalized communities.  They are employee-guided networks of and for employees structured around non-majority dimensions of diversity. They support professional development, community engagement, and recruitment and retention of underserved students, faculty and staff.  

Dimensions of diversity are traits and identities that affect a person at home, at work, and in society.  Examples include gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, generation, and physical ability.  While Affinity Groups are usually composed of employees with a shared dimension of diversity, all employees are welcome to join any affinity group. 

MCC Affinity Group Guidelines

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