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When possible take on one project at a time. Most people cannot multi-task, and fewer people multi-task well.


Disorganization and clutter only increases stress. Take time to develop an organizational system to keep your coursework orderly and neat. 

Say “NO” to being Superman/Superwoman

You can’t be perfect. Avoid setting unreasonable goals and expectations for yourself. 


With all the technology, the expectation that you are available all the time is unreasonable and exhausting. Try taking 30 minutes a day to be distraction free. 


Develop your own “toolkit” of things to do to help you relax (drug free).  Yoga, meditation, progressive relaxation and guided imagery are all good to try. Other times, just taking a walk, watching your favorite show or taking a bubble bath is just the thing you need to relax and recharge.


Find an empathetic ear such as a friend or family member to discuss what is stressing you.  MCC Counselors, are available to listen.

Have fun

Find pastimes which are enjoyable to you. Taking an occasional break can help invigorate you.

Adapted from Idaho State University.