Housing Resources

A study published by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab and Temple University found that more than one-third of all college students expressed insecurities about their housing. A further nine percent identified as homeless.

Despite these disparaging numbers, help exists. The following guide highlights some of the common challenges of this population. It offers information on resources for individuals trying to further their educations while battling homelessness.

Why are so many students facing homelessness?

Reasons for homelessness vary significantly and every family's situation presents unique obstacles. Still, researchers have identified three main reasons for homelessness among potential college students.

What is happening in Kansas City?

Agencies in the Kansas City area have come together to help individuals and families access services.

Coordinated Entry is a process developed to ensure people experiencing homelessness have fair and equal access to housing and assistance based on their strengths and needs.

An individual or family who meets HUD's definition of homelessness in Kansas City may access the system at one of the five "hub" locations listed on the flyer.

It is important to note that not all persons are eligible for homeless services through the local HUD Continuum of Care and its related programs. Completing a Coordinated Entry assessment is not a program enrollment or guarantee of housing assistance.

Coordinated Entry System for Homeless Individuals (PDF).

Youth-Focused Resources (PDF)

Source: Adapted from Affordable Colleges Online