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Brian Chasteen

Brian has worked in student services and higher education for 30+ years. He has been a counselor at MCC-Penn Valley since 1999. Brian is actively committed to the leadership education of students, employees, the public, and community agencies and being of service to them.

His Doctorate program in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri-Columbia focused on a well-rounded curriculum exposing him to the many skills necessary to be successful in forming, facilitating and promoting collaborative partnerships.

His Master’s degree in Higher Education and Counseling from Emporia State University propelled his desire to assist students in achieving their academic, personal and career-related goals.

His experiences as Director of Retention / Student Services, Director of Student Development, Student Affairs Coordinator and Assessment / Placement / Tracking Counselor gave him the organizational and interpersonal skills necessary for assisting students and programs in reaching their fullest potential.

Preparing students, serving communities, creating opportunities is the mission of Metropolitan Community College. His personal goal is to assist students during their transitional stage of becoming a World Class Person while understanding who they are and the strengths and talents they have to offer the world around them.

E. G. Williamson might have said it best, "Student needs should be interpreted by the student."

What he would like every student to know: You are unique, one of a kind, tailor made in an off-the-track world. You are not a photocopy. You are an original. You bring to life something nobody else has or can in a world of nearly six billion; there is no one just like you. Without each of us, the world would be a significantly different place.