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Public Safety Institute

Police Continuing Education

Campus(es): MCC-Blue River, Public Safety Institute
Contact: 816.604.5254 or

Current Course Schedule (PDF) Enroll in classes

We at the PSI are proud to provide exceptional continuing education courses for law enforcement and public safety agencies. Our experienced instructors expose participants to current trends in law enforcement and provide information necessary to improve students’ knowledge base and skill sets.

Multiple 3-Day Block Training sessions are offered throughout the year and will provide your officers with the opportunity to fulfill all their annual P.O.S.T. requirements in one setting. These workshops include elective courses for students to tailor their annual training to their specific needs. Registration information as well as a list of courses can be found at the Professional Development Enrollment link on the right.

To prevent cancellation of class, all officers must register seven days prior to course.

Upcoming Courses

3-Day Block Training Courses

Training dates are as follows:

  • July 13-15
  • September 14-16
  • November 16-18

The CLEE training requirements for the January 1 to December 31, 2021 reporting period are outlined below. Please note the two new training topics required for the 2021 reporting period listed below.

  • Peace officers licensed prior to January 1, 2021 must obtain 24 hours of Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) by December 31, 2021, with at least 8 of the 24 hours coming from an "Approved Provider" of training. Of these 24 hours, officers must obtain a minimum of:
    • 2 hours in Legal Studies;
    • 2 hours in Technical Studies;
    • 2 hours in Interpersonal Perspectives;
    • 2 hours of Skill Development in the area of Firearms;
    • 16 hours of Electives (Any of the above-listed core curricula areas);
    • 1 hour of Racial Profiling training;
    • 1 hour of Implicit Bias training; and
    • 1 hour of De-escalation training (racial profiling, implicit bias, and de-escalation training are part of the required 24 hours, not in addition to it).

Police Specialty Classes

Specialty courses are available for those looking to further improve their instruction or leadership skills. These classes provide participants with skills that are essential for personal growth within a law enforcement organization.

  • Officer Involved Shooting - October 26
  • BolaWrap Train the Trainer Instructor Course - November 2
  • Instructor Development - November 8-12
  • Implicit Bias/De-escalation - November 16
  • Legal Updates/Racial Profiling - November 16
  • Firearms Training Skills (FATS) - November 16
  • Mentoring - November 17
  • Police Media Strategies - November 17
  • Basic Emergency Vehicle Operations Course - November 17
  • Tactical Medical - November 18
  • Building Searches - November 18
  • Basic Emergency Vehicle Operations Course - November 17
  • Suicide By Cop - November 23
  • Active Shooter Course - TBD

Registration for all classes can be accessed using the link below.


MCC-Blue River PSI offers an agency contract pricing which is less expensive than the CEU hourly rate. (Exception: Instructor level and specialty classes are not covered by contract). For more information, please contact us at or 816.604.6700.