College for Kids

Summer vacation doesn’t have to be boring

– join in the fun at MCC’s College for Kids program.

MCC College for Kids offers enrichment opportunities for kids and teens ages 11-15 in a fun and safe environment where they enjoy educational and hands-on learning activities in a college setting.

The classes are designed to engage kids in new experiences, develop new interests, teach meaningful skills and excite students about learning. For any questions, call 816.604.5254

2023 Summer Camps

iOS Development: Develop in Swift Explorations

Students will learn fundamental computing concepts and programming with Swift for iOS development through daily web projects and design challenges. Students will create an iPhone app that can be shared with friends and family.

Ages: 12-15 (6th-9th grade)
Location: MCC-Blue River

Theatre Camp

In this two-week summer youth program, students will learn how to take a play from the page to the stage as they participate in a theater troupe. Participants will become producers, directors, stage managers, designers, and/or actors/actresses. At the end of the camp, students will perform a selected play for an audience.

Ages: 11-14 (5th – 8th grade)
Location: MCC-Longview

Adventures in Coding: Exploring the World of Code

In this Adventures in Coding: Exploring the World of Code camp, students will learn how to use code to make their ideas a reality. The final project will showcase students’ newfound abilities to their family and friends.

Ages: 11-14 (5th – 8th grade)
Location: MCC-Maple Woods

Medical School for Kids

In this four-day summer camp, students will learn about and use tools that doctors and nurses use in a hospital setting and receive a free stethoscope. Students will also learn how to treat minor injuries, make a first aid kit, and be able to identify the different parts of the human body and how they function.

Ages: 11-14 (5th – 8th grade)
Location: MCC-Penn Valley - Health Science Institute

Required forms

All participants in the College for Kids will be required to fill out and return the entry forms. Students cannot start participating in camp activities until all forms are completed, signed, and returned through one of the means below:

  • Email:
  • Mail: Workforce & Economic Development, 3200 Broadway Blvd., Kansas City, MO

More information

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