Coding with Apple (Swift) and Objective-C

With Apple and Objective-C, anyone can code!

The main goal of this course is to teach you both the Swift programming language and the Objective-C programming language, as well as how to build wonderful iOS mobile apps.

This course is aimed at complete beginners, and by the end of this course, you'll be able to build your own iOS apps and even monetize them on the app store!

Date: Starting May 30
Contact hours: 30 hours (5 weeks, six-hours per week)
Location: MCC-Blue River
Cost: $395


To register, email or call 816.604.1000.

Course outline

  • Unit 0: Introduction to the Course 
  • Unit 1: Coding on the Job Market
    • Identify how coding relates to your industry and career path
    • Identify key ways coding proficiency can increase your value to employers
  • Unit 2: Basics of Swift
    • Open and run a provided Xcode Playground
    • Produce a new, blank Xcode Project
    • Write functional Swift code
    • Execute new syntax in Xcode Playgrounds
    • Recognize the use of control flow in swift coding
  • Unit 3: App Development Process
    • Differentiate the ordered phases in the app development process and their unique importance
    • Employ thoughtful design thinking during the app planning process
    • Recognize and intervene when the app development process is rushed
  • Unit 4: Debugging and Problem Solving
    • Recognize individual lines of code and the result of their execution
    • Identify errors and bugs, explain their problems, and correct them
    • Identify working code and non-working code
    • Utilize Apple documentation to understand project-specific syntax
  • Unit 5: Interface Builder
    • Practice building a UI in Xcode
    • Create outlets and actions for UI elements
    • Distinguish between good and bad UI design
    • Model a successful UI in a wireframe