Below is a list of available scholarships for high school students. For further information, visit your MCC campus or call us at 816.604.1000

Sherman Family Foundation Scholarship

Qualifying students pay only $75 per course, for 2 courses each semester!

To qualify:

  • Student must have financial need as verified by the high school
  • Student has a 2.5 GPA
  • Student has an ACT score or an Accuplacer score
  • Student commits to taking TWO college courses from MCC each semester (courses may be dual credit at your high school, may be online, on campus, or virtual (live Zoom)

How to apply

Download the application form, and complete the form and steps to apply. Your high school counselor will sign the form confirming your GPA and financial status, and email the form and attachments back to MCC.

Students in this program who successfully complete 2 courses each semester automatically qualify for the funds each semester without reapplying.

Home school students may also qualify. Contact the College Acceleration Program for more information.

Download application