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Campus Life & Leadership
Campus Center, room 200

LaShaundra Randolph

So, you want to get involved ...

The Office of Campus Life and Leadership makes getting involved easy. There are a ton of established clubs to choose from, and we also make starting your own club easy too! Simply stop by the Campus Life and Leadership Office to inquire about a club, or pick up a constitution to get your very own campus organization up and running. Either way, we hope to see you soon!

Advocates for Civil Engagement (ACE)

The primary goal of ACE is to bring together students who wish to become more engaged in their community and promote civic engagement.

Advisor: Deborah Scott | 816.604.4056

Art Club

Art Club provides a creative outlet for students to express themselves through the form of art. Art can be defined as any written, visual, verbal, or physical product of choice. This club doesn't limit art to drawing and painting, and there is no skill level required. All are welcome to come and express through art of all kinds.

Contact: Campus Life & Leadership

Campus Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are representatives of the student body and hosts to college visitors. Ambassadors work with faculty, staff, students, and the community to promote MCC-Penn Valley.

Contact: Campus Life & Leadership

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club is a student-run organization seeking to foster appreciation for chemistry and the sciences through meetings, volunteer events, socials, and activities with students and faculty. The goal of these events is to raise public awareness and stimulate interest for chemistry and the sciences among people of all ages.

Advisor: Mercy Amyika

Creative Writing Club

The purpose of the Creative Writing Club is to bring students together who have an interest in creative writing in all the genres but especially in poetry. This club is open to all students! 

Contact: Campus Life & Leadership

Drama Club

The purpose of the Drama Club is to bring students together who have an interest in theatre or performance. This club is open to all students! 

Advisor: Ryan Morehead

EMS Club

EMS/Paramedic Club is open to anyone working towards a degree or interested in one in the EMS/Paramedic field. This club provides networking, leadership development, and social activities for students.

Advisor: Lisa McGuire

Fitness Club

The purpose of Fitness Club is to promote healthy living amongst students and provide recreational activities.  Members of the fitness club work with the fitness center and MCC-Penn Valley Athletics to provide healthy activities on campus. 

Advisor: Sheri Deets

Friends of Internationals

Friends of Internationals assists international students and scholars adjust to life in the US and promoting cross-cultural friendships between students, scholars and our Americans volunteers since 1953.  ISI is a Christian community service organization that serves on over 500 college and university campuses in the US, and works in several countries around the world.  International students and scholars from all religious and ethnic backgrounds are welcome to participate in all ISI activities and services.

Advisor: Mark Hudson

I Sign (Sign Language Club)

I Sign's goal is to increase the awareness of ASL with an acknowledgment and respect for Deaf culture. The goals of ASL Club include the following: provide students with various opportunities to interact with the Deaf community, enhance students ASL receptive and expressive skills and increase students' knowledge of Deaf culture.

Advisor: Celia Hancock 

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Intervarsity is an inter-denominational, evangelical Christian campus ministry founded in 1941, working with students and faculty on U.S. college and university campuses to develop as leaders. 

Advisor: Mark Hudson

K-Pop Club

K-pop is a genre of music characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements in South Korea. While the modern form of K-pop can be traced back to the early 90s, the term itself has been popularized since the 2000s.

Ruth Heath
Michael Korklan


The purpose of MOC3 is to help MCC-Penn Valley's male students achieve success both academically and in other aspects of life. Men who join MOC3 will receive resources and learn life-changing skills that will help you reach your goals.

Advisor: Carl Cummings

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

NSLS is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. This is done by offering life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. NSLS also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. Students are selected by invitation only for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential.

LaShaundra Randolph
Brent Randle

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)

The purpose of the National Student Nurses Association is to bring together students in our Nursing programs at the Health Sciences Institute. The organization provides leadership and networking opportunities as well as social activities for students in the program.

Advisor: Jennifer Charlton

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

PTK is a scholastic honor society that recognizes and encourages scholarships among two-year college students and provides leadership and service development. Students are invited to join after attaining an overall 3.5 GPA in 12 hours of college credit. Active members have opportunities to develop leadership skills, participate in academic enrichment activities, and develop friendships with fellow Phi Theta Kappa members from all over the country. Membership also qualifies students for many transfer scholarships reserved for Phi Theta Kappa members.

Chris Hacker
Julie Smith

Pre-Dental Club

The Pre-Dental Club provides activities and resources for any students that may be interested in the dental field (Dentist, Dental Hygienist, etc). The club provides networking, community service and social activities to help students learn more about the dental profession.

Advisor: Hema Udupa

Robotics Club

The Robotics Club is a group of students (18 or older) who are dedicated to actively applying their knowledge of the science of engineering to help kids build robots.

Dan Justice
Andy Palausky

Sexual and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

SAGA explores issues that encompass all aspects of diversity including social roles, cultural background and sexual orientation. The goal is to provide support for LGBTQI members and their allies at our school, as well as raise awareness of discriminatory behaviors, actions, and attitudes that affect our community.

Advisor: Beth Roselyn

Sister Circle

The mission of Sister Circle is to support the personal, social, cultural, and professional development of women of color at MCC-Penn Valley.

Advisor: LaShaundra Randolph

Street Team

The Street Team serves as the volunteer team for the Campus Life and Leadership Office. Their role is to assist in promotion and implementation of campus events as well as encourage school spirit and service. As a member of the Street Team, students get first access to campus events and special activities only for Street Team members.

Advisor: LaShaundra Randolph

Student Government Association (SGA)

Serving as the link between students and administration, Student Government works in the best interest of the student body to address pertinent student needs and administrative policies. They work to promote mutual understanding between students, faculty, and the administration. Members are elected by the student body and serve a one-academic-year term and each club/organization appoints a member to the SGA.

Advisor: LaShaundra Randolph

Student Veterans Association

The club provides support for veterans to talk about the transition from military to civilian life and raises awareness at MCC-Penn Valley about what it is like to serve in the military.

Contact: Campus Life & Leadership