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Credit Classes

Short-Term Credit Classes

Enrollment Opens: November 4
16 Week Start: January 13
5 Week 1 Start: January 13
8 Week 1 Start: January 13
12 Week Start: February 10
8 Week Mid Start: February 10
5 Week 2 Start: February 18
8 Week 2 Start: March 9
5 Week 3 Start: March 31

MCC students have the advantage of taking these classes: shorter than full-semester classes in order to finish faster or earn more credits for seamless transfer to a university but at MCC's tuition rate.

Fast-track your way to graduation and a degree.

Quality instruction. Shorter time frame. Long-term benefits.

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MCC-Penn Valley - Mini-Session

CRJU 167A Special Topics in Criminal Justice1 Cr.
CRJU 167B Special Topics in Criminal Justice2 Cr.
EDUC 212 Creativity and Movement for Elementary Teachers3 Cr.
EMS 110 First Responder3 Cr.
EMS 212 Cardiology3 Cr.
EMS 216 Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)1 Cr.
EMS 218 Medical Emergencies3 Cr.
EMS 224 Trauma Management1 Cr.
EMS 230 Special Patient Populations1 Cr.
EMS 284 Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)1 Cr.
EMS 286 Pediatric Emergency Care1 Cr.
HIST 199B Special Topics in History2 Cr.
PNUR 110 Pharmacology4 Cr.
PNUR 128 Mental Health Nursing4 Cr.
PNUR 132 The Childbearing Family4 Cr.
PNUR 136 Venous Access and Intravenous Infusion1.5 Cr.
PNUR 138 Nursing of the Adult I8 Cr.
Last Modified: 1/15/20