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MCC students have the advantage of taking these classes: shorter than full-semester classes in order to finish faster or earn more credits for seamless transfer to a university but at MCC's tuition rate.

Fast-track your way to graduation and a degree.

Quality instruction. Shorter time frame. Long-term benefits.

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MCC-Maple Woods - 2nd 8-Weeks

COLL 100 First-Year Seminar1 Cr.
ENGL 102 Composition & Reading II3 Cr.
FLIN 105 Fundamentals of Interpreting3 Cr.
GUID 109 Career Exploration Seminar1 Cr.
HIST 120 United States History to 18653 Cr.
LIBR 100 Introduction to Library & Online Research1 Cr.
MATH 120 College Algebra3 Cr.
PHED 107 Physical Fitness I1 Cr.
PHED 108 Physical Fitness II1 Cr.
PHED 109 Physical Fitness III1 Cr.
Last Modified: 9/16/19