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MCC students have the advantage of taking these classes: shorter than full-semester classes in order to finish faster or earn more credits for seamless transfer to a university but at MCC's tuition rate.

Fast-track your way to graduation and a degree.

Quality instruction. Shorter time frame. Long-term benefits.

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MCC-Longview - Mini-Session

COLL 100 First-Year Seminar1 Cr.
GUID 109 Career Exploration Seminar1 Cr.
GUID 199A Special Topics in Guided Studies1 Cr.
PHED 105 Body Building I1 Cr.
PHED 107 Physical Fitness I1 Cr.
PHED 108 Physical Fitness II1 Cr.
PHED 109 Physical Fitness III1 Cr.
Last Modified: 9/16/19