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Credit Classes

Short-Term Credit Classes

Enrollment Opens: November 4
16 Week Start: January 13
5 Week 1 Start: January 13
8 Week 1 Start: January 13
12 Week Start: February 10
8 Week Mid Start: February 10
5 Week 2 Start: February 18
8 Week 2 Start: March 9
5 Week 3 Start: March 31

MCC students have the advantage of taking these classes: shorter than full-semester classes in order to finish faster or earn more credits for seamless transfer to a university but at MCC's tuition rate.

Fast-track your way to graduation and a degree.

Quality instruction. Shorter time frame. Long-term benefits.

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MCC-Business & Technology - 1st 8-Weeks

CIMM 105 Introduction to Blueprint Reading2 Cr.
CIMM 110 Manual Lathe Operation3 Cr.
CIMM 115 Manual Mill3 Cr.
COLL 100 First-Year Seminar1 Cr.
EHSS 111 Introduction to Health and Safety for General Industry1 Cr.
ETEC 170 CADD I, Microstation3 Cr.
ETEC 270 Parametric Modeling, Inventor3 Cr.
INTE 112 Industrial Electrical DC Principles2 Cr.
INTE 140 Fundamentals of Industrial Machine Repair3 Cr.
INTE 260 Industrial Pipefitting and Plumbing Fundamentals3 Cr.
WELD 110 Welding Industry Fundamentals3 Cr.
WELD 120 Thermal Cutting Processes Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 121 Thermal Cutting Processes Lab2 Cr.
WELD 130 Print Reading & Weld Symbols3 Cr.
WELD 150 Gas Metal Arc Welding I (MIG) Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 151 Gas Metal Arc Welding I (MIG) Lab2 Cr.
WELD 260 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II (TIG) Lecture1 Cr.
WELD 261 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II (TIG) Lab-2 Cr.
Last Modified: 1/15/20