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Online Distance Education - FAQs

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What kind of support is available for me during the semester?

Your instructor is always available through email.

The Distance Education Help Desk is available for general questions regarding Blackboard, or the LMS (Learning Management System). Through the help desk, you can search for frequently asked questions regarding many topics from around the district as well as submit a help ticket or chat with a person, often during regularly scheduled business hours.

Are distance classes easier than classes offered on the college campus?

No. These classes may in fact be harder. More reading and comprehension is often required.

Can I work at my own pace in a distance class?

No, distance classes have schedules, due dates and deadlines, just like other classes.

Do online classes have attendance requirements?

Yes, the instructor determines the attendance requirements for a class. Federal Guidelines require students to login, participate, and submit their assignments to be considered attending. It’s recommended that you log in to a class several times a week or even more often for an accelerated course, to keep up with assignments and homework.

To be successful in Distance Education classes, you should have the following traits/skills:

    • Self-motivated
    • Good time management
    • Computer knowledge
    • Strong reading skills
    • Adequate time to devote to classes

Here’s what some MCC students have said about online courses:

Online classes are excellent, but can be confusing and appear overwhelming when you first begin.

Often people don't understand the amount of… work the professor will assign to make up for the time lost in class...

...I realized that it would be easier for me to successfully complete these courses on campus since online classes require a lot of self-learning.

The online only format is not for everybody; I am a student who does better when there is actual classroom time...

The Virtual College of Texas asked successful online students what skills helped them succeed online - read their responses.

How many Distance Education courses can I take OR should I take a semester?

Students may take as few as one or as many as four courses at any one time during a regular 16-week semester.

The correct number of courses for you will depend on how much time you can devote to them. If you are working full time, chances are you will not have the time to take a full academic load (12-18 credit hours). For a 3-credit hour class an online student should plan to commit a minimum of six hours a week for online activities, research and testing.

Credit hours Minimum hours per class per week
3 6 hours
6 12 hours
9 18 hours
12 24 hours

What are the basic requirements of all Distance Education courses

  • Regular access to current computer technology with up-to-date software
  • Reliable broadband connection to the internet
    • NOTE: Some employers and public access computers may have firewalls in place that prevent logging in to an online course
  • The ability to install any software required for the course

What are the basic technical skills required for Distance Education courses?

You should be able to:

    1. Access sites and navigate online.
    2. Use a word processor (i.e. Word) to open and save in common document file formats.
    3. Send and receive e-mail, including attaching and downloading files.
    4. Read and post to discussion/messaging boards and blogs.
    5. Use a supported browser and adjust browser settings as required.
    6. Save a URL as a bookmark/favorite.
    7. Perform online searches using Google or other search engine.
    8. Cut, paste and copy information from the internet or files and save to the computer or other storage device.

Course Options

What kinds of online courses are offered?

Internet Courses

An internet course is a fully online course, which means that you DO NOT attend class on campus. You still must attend courses online several times a week. Attending includes: participation in discussions, submitting assignments, taking exams, and other activities required by the instructor.

Please note: Attendance policies may vary by instructor. Check the course syllabus for the specific attendance requirements of a particular course.

Some instructors of online courses may schedule on-campus orientation sessions or require tests be taken at one of the campus testing centers.

There is an additional distance education fee for internet courses, check the Tuition & Fees page for more information.

Hybrid Courses

A hybrid course combines a reduced amount of time in class on campus with an emphasis on work completed online. Students need to go to the classroom and login to Blackboard through myMCCKC or to complete all the course requirements.

There is an additional distance education fee for hybrid courses, check the Tuition & Fees page for more information.

Since this class combines campus classroom time AND internet time your instructor will identify attendance policies and expectations.

Streaming Online Courses

In a streaming online course, students may receive the lecture via television in the TV studio at the Penn Valley campus, while the instructor delivers the lecture from a remote site or they may view it streaming live online.

Students can participate in real-time with the instructor via camera, television, microphone and speaker.

Students go online through Blackboard to submit assignments, post in class discussions, and possibly take online exams.

Distance Ed Course Testing

Students may be required to complete exams in a campus testing center or make arrangements to take a proctored exam (if not a MCC student or residing outside the MCC district).

As a member of KCREACHE we have agreements for reciprocal use of testing center services at these other regional institutions.


How do I buy textbooks for a Distance Education class?

Textbooks for internet courses should be ordered online or picked up in person at the Business & Technology campus; order textbooks here.

Options for textbook delivery:

    1. Books can be shipped to your home address.
    2. Books can be shipped to a MCC campus close to you. This will take a minimum of two extra working days for delivery.
    3. Books can be picked up at the Business & Technology Campus bookstore.
      Location: BTC Bookstore, East Lobby, room 117
      1775 Universal Ave. Kansas City, MO 64120
      Phone: 816.604.1000 - Call for current store hours
      Fax: 816.482.5256

Textbooks for hybrid and streaming online courses can be ordered at the campus bookstore where the class is held. Please visit the bookstore in person or online.


How do I contact an advisor?

Student can contact an advisor via email by click the Ask and Advisor button to the right. 

Students can also schedule a phone appointment with an advisor by visiting this link.


How can I enroll?

Enroll online using your myMCCKC account and enter the 5-digit class number.

I'm not a student. How can I apply?

If you have never been a student at MCC, step by step instructions can be found by clicking Get Started.

Tuition and Fees/Financial Aid/Payment Plan

How much will I pay for Distance Education courses?

Please see MCC's tuition detail page to check out the tuition and fees for in district, out of district and out of state.

Can I receive financial aid?

Yes, students may apply for and receive financial aid when enrolled in Distance Education classes.

You can get more information about financial aid at MCC Financial Aid.

Can I use a payment plan?

Yes. Please visit MCC Payment Service.

Last Modified: 6/1/18