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MCC-Penn Valley - Mini-Session

BIOL 132 Human Nutrition3 Cr.
BIOL 150 Medical Terminology2 Cr.
CHEM 198B Special Topics2 Cr.
COLL 100 First-Year Seminar1 Cr.
COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech3 Cr.
CRJU 167A Special Topics in Criminal Justice1 Cr.
CRJU 169 Family Violence and Sexual Abuse3 Cr.
ECED 213 Child Growth Development II3 Cr.
ECED 270 Portfolio Design2 Cr.
ECON 211 Microeconomics3 Cr.
ENGL 101 Composition & Reading I3 Cr.
ENGL 102 Composition & Reading II3 Cr.
HIST 120 United States History to 18653 Cr.
HIST 199A Special Topics in History1 Cr.
MATH 20 Basic Mathematical Operations3 Cr.
MATH 40 Introductory Algebra3 Cr.
MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra3 Cr.
MUSI 108 Music Appreciation3 Cr.
OTHA 222 Level II Fieldwork12 Cr.
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy3 Cr.
POLS 136 Introduction to American National Politics3 Cr.
PSYC 140 General Psychology3 Cr.
Last Modified: 6/1/18