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Metropolitan Community College offers many flexible scheduling options to you meet degree requirements while balancing work and life. For convenience, we have listed our classes in alphabetical order.

Important: MCC recently updated the BSAD course designator for its business courses to either BUSN or ACCT. Please refer to the Business Course Crosswalk (PDF) to determine the name of the new BUSN or ACCT course that will fulfill the BSAD requirement on your degree plan.

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You are here: Spring 2020 / English As A Second Language

English As A Second Language

ESL 4 Basic Writing3 Cr.
ESL 5 Basic Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 6 Basic Reading3 Cr.
ESL 7 Basic Speaking/Listening3 Cr.
ESL 10 ESL Composition I3 Cr.
ESL 11 Grammar I3 Cr.
ESL 12 ESL Speaking & Listening I3 Cr.
ESL 13 ESL Reading and Vocabulary I3 Cr.
ESL 20 ESL Composition II3 Cr.
ESL 21 Grammar II3 Cr.
ESL 22 ESL Speaking & Listening II3 Cr.
ESL 23 ESL Reading and Vocabulary II3 Cr.
ESL 26 Intermediate I: Speaking and Listening3 Cr.
ESL 27 Intermediate I: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 28 Intermediate 1: Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 29 Intermediate I: Composition3 Cr.
ESL 30 ESL Composition III3 Cr.
ESL 31 ESL Grammar III3 Cr.
ESL 32 ESL Speaking & Listening III3 Cr.
ESL 33 ESL Reading and Vocabulary III3 Cr.
ESL 36 Intermediate II: Listening and Speaking3 Cr.
ESL 37 Intermediate II: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 38 Intermediate II: Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 39 Intermediate II: Composition3 Cr.
ESL 40 ESL Composition IV3 Cr.
ESL 41 ESL Grammar IV3 Cr.
ESL 42 ESL Speaking and Listening IV3 Cr.
ESL 43 ESL Reading and Vocabulary IV3 Cr.
ESL 46 Advanced I: Speaking and Listening3 Cr.
ESL 47 Advanced I: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 48 Advanced I: Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 49 Advanced I: Composition3 Cr.
ESL 56 Advanced II: Speaking and Listening3 Cr.
ESL 57 Advanced II: Reading and Vocabulary3 Cr.
ESL 58 Advanced II: Grammar3 Cr.
ESL 59 Advanced II: Composition3 Cr.