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Metropolitan Community College offers many flexible scheduling options to you meet degree requirements while balancing work and life. For convenience, we have listed our classes in alphabetical order.

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You are here: Spring 2020 / Computer Integrated Machining & Manufacturing

Computer Integrated Machining & Manufacturing

Consortium industry partners have identified the skills needed for entry-level machinists at their companies. The combination of hands-on learning, quality instruction, and practical experience prepares students for area in-demand careers.

Day students spend weeks in the lab and classroom mastering basic machining skills. They then begin working as paid interns working four days a week and spend one day a week on campus for additional instruction in the classroom and lab.

For more information, call (816) 604-5534.

CIMM 100 Introduction to Machining and Manufacturing3 Cr.
CIMM 101 Machine Shop Safety1 Cr.
CIMM 102 Basic Lathe Operation1 Cr.
CIMM 103 Basic Mill Operation1 Cr.
CIMM 104 Metrology2 Cr.
CIMM 105 Introduction to Blueprint Reading2 Cr.
CIMM 106 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing2 Cr.
CIMM 110 Manual Lathe Operation3 Cr.
CIMM 115 Manual Mill3 Cr.
CIMM 121 CNC Lathe Operation Fundamentals4 Cr.
CIMM 122 CNC Mill Operation Fundamentals4 Cr.
CIMM 145 EDM-Wire3 Cr.
CIMM 160 Advanced Lathe Operations4 Cr.
CIMM 161 Advanced Mill Operations4 Cr.
CIMM 201 Metallurgy3 Cr.
CIMM 231 Capstone - Job Planning, Benchwork & Layout1 Cr.
CIMM 232 Capstone - Milling1 Cr.
CIMM 233 Capstone - Chucking1 Cr.
CIMM 234 Capstone - Turning1 Cr.
CIMM 235 Capstone - Surface Grinding1 Cr.
CIMM 236 Capstone - CNC Milling1 Cr.
CIMM 237 Capstone - CNC Turning1 Cr.
CIMM 238 Capstone - Drill Press1 Cr.
Last Modified: 1/6/20