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Metropolitan Community College offers many flexible scheduling options to you meet degree requirements while balancing work and life. For convenience, we have listed our classes in alphabetical order.

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MATH 180 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (5 credits)

Prerequisite: MATH 130 or 150. A study of plane analytic geometry, limits, continuity, the derivative for functions of a single variable, differentials, indefinite and definite integrals, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, and applications of the derivative and integral.

9 session(s) offered. Select a location:

Blue River

Class # 43102Instructor: Jenny Beck Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 8:00A- 8:50ADays: MWLocation: BR CC 218 
LectureTime: 8:00A- 9:15ADays: TRLocation: BR CC 218 


Class # 40378Instructor: Beth Bletscher Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 9:00A- 9:50ADays: MWLocation: LV ST 004 
LectureTime: 9:30A-10:45ADays: TRLocation: LV ST 004 
Class # 40380Instructor: Breanne Dustin Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 12:00P-12:50PDays: MWLocation: LV ST 004 
LectureTime: 12:30P- 1:45PDays: TRLocation: LV ST 004 
Class # 40382Instructor: Greg Mitchell Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 6:00P- 8:15PDays: MWLocation: LV ST 113 

Maple Woods

Class # 41108Instructor: Berg Heskin Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 12:30P- 2:45PDays: TRLocation: MW CC 101 
Class # 46452Instructor: Andrea Vorwark Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 5:00P- 7:15PDays: MWLocation: MW MS 202 
Class # 48560Instructor: Terry Hobbs Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 7:30A- 9:45ADays: MWLocation: MW MS 212 

Penn Valley

Class # 42418Instructor: Dondi Walker Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 12:00P- 1:25PDays: MWFLocation: PV ST 351 
Class # 41690Instructor: Greg Mitchell Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 6:00P- 8:15PDays: TRLocation: PV ST 113 

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