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Metropolitan Community College offers many flexible scheduling options to you meet degree requirements while balancing work and life. For convenience, we have listed our classes in alphabetical order.

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You are here: Fall 2019 / Business Administration

Business Administration

BSAD 100 Introduction to Accounting3 Cr.
BSAD 101 Accounting Principles I3 Cr.
BSAD 102 Accounting Principles II3 Cr.
BSAD 105 Human Resources Management3 Cr.
BSAD 109 Principles of Supervision3 Cr.
BSAD 120 Organizational Behavior3 Cr.
BSAD 127 Management Internship I3 Cr.
BSAD 128 Management Internship II3 Cr.
BSAD 150 Introduction to Business3 Cr.
BSAD 151 Personal Finance3 Cr.
BSAD 153 Accounting Information Systems3 Cr.
BSAD 154 Managerial Accounting3 Cr.
BSAD 155 Accounting Using Spreadsheets3 Cr.
BSAD 160 Principles of Selling3 Cr.
BSAD 202 Intermediate Accounting I3 Cr.
BSAD 204 Business Management3 Cr.
BSAD 205 Marketing3 Cr.
BSAD 210 Logistics Management3 Cr.
BSAD 211 Operations Management3 Cr.
BSAD 219 Entrepreneurship3 Cr.
BSAD 221 Business Communications3 Cr.
BSAD 252 Individual Income Tax3 Cr.
BSAD 270 Legal Environment of Business3 Cr.
BSAD 290 Business Capstone1 Cr.
Last Modified: 3/18/19