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Metropolitan Community College offers many flexible scheduling options to you meet degree requirements while balancing work and life. For convenience, we have listed our classes in alphabetical order.

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Automotive Technology

AUTO 170 - Automotive Braking Systems (4 credits)

History, theory of operation, and current service procedures on drum and disc brakes systems. Includes power assist systems and anti-lock brake systems.

3 session(s) offered. Select a location:


Class # 45794Instructor: Donald Wilcox Jr. Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 1:00P- 1:50PDays: MWLocation: LV HT 110 
LabTime: 2:00P- 3:50PDays: MWLocation:  
Class # 45924Instructor: David Patience Session: Meets 1st 8 weeks
LectureTime: 9:30A-12:00PDays: WLocation: LV HT 113Dates: 08/20/19-10/11/19
LectureTime: 9:30A-12:00PDays: FLocation: LV HT 113Dates: 09/20/19
LectureTime: 9:30A-12:00PDays: FLocation: LV HT 113Dates: 10/04/19
LabTime: 12:30P- 5:50PDays: WLocation: LV HT 102Dates: 08/20/19-10/11/19
NotesAbove Ford Asset Program class meets 1st 8 weeks: 8/21 - 10/9 meets 5th (9/20) & 7th (10/4) Friday. Department permission required.
LabTime: 12:30P- 5:50PDays: FLocation: LV HT 102Dates: 09/20/19
LabTime: 12:30P- 5:50PDays: FLocation: LV HT 102Dates: 10/04/19
Class # 45798Instructor: Wendell Smith Session: Meets 08/20/19-12/16/19
LectureTime: 6:30P- 7:20PDays: TRLocation: LV HT 112 
LabTime: 7:30P- 9:20PDays: TRLocation: LV HT 102 

Fees*Lab: $56.00Program: $160.00Total: $216.00
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