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Community Education

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Fall 2018 Community Education Catalog

This 5 minute video from the Missouri Safety Foundation describes the different aspects of motorcycling.

Monday to Friday
8:30 - 4:00 p.m

Office Location

MCC-Maple Woods
Learning Resources Building
First Floor, LR 102
2601 N.E. Barry Road
Kansas City, MO 64156

Phone: 816.604.3011
Fax: 816.437.3484

Enrollment Information

Registrations for the 2019 Motorcycle Safety Training season opening February 1, 2019. To enroll click the blue button on the right side of the page.  If you have questions please call 816.604.3011.

MCC-Maple Woods offers training courses for riders of all ability levels. From the true novice, to empty-nesters wanting to get back in the saddle, to dusty road warriors; there is a class for you.

Refund Policy

You must cancel 7 business days before the first day of the class to receive a full refund minus a $5.00 processing fee; otherwise your registration fee is forfeited. If there is space available in another class, you may transfer your registration no later than 7 full BUSINESS days before the first day of class. The option to transfer your registration is available one time only. No refund of tuition will be granted for incompletion of a class whether the instructor determines the student has not met requirements to complete the class or if the student voluntarily decides to leave the class.

Course Offerings

Introductory Motorcycle Experience

This 2-hour introductory course is designed for the true novice rider who would like extra one-on-one attention. Classes are restricted to novice riders and provide a safe, low-stress environment for asking questions and getting extra time on the basics of motorcycle operation.

Using our motorcycles, you will sit astride and manipulate the controls of the motorcycle. The course objective is to experience a motorcycles operational characteristics through an initial hands-on experience. Also embedded in the experience is a self-assessment component to ensure a person is aware of the risks and requirements for being a good, safe and responsible rider. This first-touch experience with a motorcycle is not designed to teach a person to ride, but rather, it helps a potential rider determine whether motorcycling is a good personal choice.

If a participant chooses to continue their formal training to ride, this course will give them a "jump-start" in preparation for the BRC. Some obstacles preventing successful completion of the BRC will be addressed in the IME class; for example understanding the principles of shifting gears, clutch control through friction-zone practice, smooth braking skills, and awareness of surroundings while operating a motorcycle.

Class size is limited to 3 students with one instructor. Each participant will have his or her own unique experience within the context of our approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum for this class. This program is a success regardless of the choice to learn to ride or not. This class is the perfect environment for students to determine if motorcycling is in their future.

Fee: $60.00.  View available dates and to register.

*IME classes are listed on the teaching schedule; however additional classes can be arranged for you and two friends.

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Basic Riders Course

Learn to ride and ride more safely. This course is designed for the beginner and re-entry motorcyclist of all ages with step-by-step coaching from MSF and MMSP certified trainers. Motorcycles are provided so you can learn to ride before spending thousands.

The Basic Riders Course is designed for the beginning motorcyclist and for people who want to operate their motorcycles safely and efficiently. Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructors conduct the class.

The course is physically demanding. Students MUST be in good health and should be able to ride a bicycle. The instructor will make the final determination if the student will be allowed to participate in the riding portion of the course.

All course requirements must be met for successful completion. Students must ride the motorcycles provided through the program.

To be eligible to enroll, a student must be at least 15 years 6 months of age. Written parental permission is necessary for age 15 years 6 months up through age 18.

Completion of the BRC provides the graduate with a Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program Completion Card that may be taken to the Missouri Driver's License Office to waive the written and riding tests required for endorsement.

Attendance: Registrants must actively participate in all days and each portion of the class to receive a completion card. If this is not possible the student will disqualify himself/herself from the class.

Fee: $240 for weekend & Tuesday/Wednesday classes, $250 for Monday-Thursday evening classes. View available dates and to register.

Scooters are available upon request at the time of registration.

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3WBRC - 3-Wheel Basic Rider Course

If you've ever dreamed of an open road adventure, then the Can-Am Spyder Rider Education Program is your path to reality!

Certified instructors will share their expertise for you to receive the training fundamentals required to successfully complete the course and obtain your 3-wheel motorcycle endorsement. A Can-Am Spyder will be provided for the duration of the course at no extra cost.

You will receive theoretical and practical essentials worth months of riding experience:

  • how to minimize risk and handle special situations
  • basic vehicle control
  • throttle control
  • straight line riding
  • topping
  • turning and shifting
  • advanced skills like stopping quickly and evasive maneuvering

Fee: $265, but through the Can-Am Rider Education Program you only pay $99

View available dates and register at learn to ride 3wheel KCMO.

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BRC2 - Basic Rider's Course 2

Fine tune your riding skills. Help break bad habits. Or, just shake off the cobwebs with the MSF BRC2. This one-day course is geared towards the rider with at least 1,000 miles or one year of riding experience.

The BRC2 is designed for experienced riders of all ages. It addresses the critical skills and knowledge needed for relatively low risk, enjoyable on-street motorcycling. Braking, cornering and swerving maneuvers will be covered as well as other riding strategies.

Experienced motorcyclists who have been trained and certified by the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Foundation conduct this course.

Fee: $125 for rider only, $135 for rider with a passenger.  Please call 816-604-3011 to schedule a class for 3 or more riders.

Motorcycles will NOT be provided.

Students Must Have:
  • a current inspection sticker on their safety-approved bike
  • proof of current insurance for their motorcycle
  • Motorcycle-endorsement (M) must be on the current driver's license
  • a minimum of 1-year street riding experience
  • a motorcycle

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TCARC - Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic

In today's age of high-horsepower superbikes, large-displacement cruisers and super-heavy-weight tourers,riding skills are more important than ever for safe fun motorcycling. Unfortunately for experienced riders, there is a large gap between the BRC2 and the many racetrack schools across the nation/ Fortunately, Lee Parks' Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (Total Control ARC) has a solution for those experienced riders 'caught in the middle', as well as those track-day junkies and racers who want to be able to further enhance their skills in a controlled environment with expert instruction.

What it Covers:

Cornering technique is the primary focus of the Total Control ARC. Individual skills include corner entry, body position and corner exit. There are slightly different versions of these depending on the type of bike ridden, but follow the same philosophical principles that are taught in the course/ Throttle control and throttle/brake transitions are also covered in great detail. Additionally, super-tight. low-speed, "parking lot" turns are taught.

TCARC Requirements:
  • Student owned motorcycle or scooter
  • 1 year of riding experience OR 3000 miles
  • Motorcycle or scooter in working order, including cooling and charging systems, and a battery in good condition.
  • Motorcycle-endorsement (M) must be on the current driver's license
  • DOT approved helmet, motorcycle jacket and pants, gloves and boots that cover ankles. Jeans and fingerless gloves not allowed, but Kevlar jeans will be accepted
  • DOT approved motorcycle street tire (no race tires, even DOT approved)
The Total Control ARC's Promises:
  • Specific, measurable improvement in your riding
  • Better understanding of how your bike works
  • The ability to self-diagnose riding problems in the future
  • High teacher-to-student ratio
  • Friendly, professional service

The Total Control ARC instructors are highly trained and carefully handpicked for their teaching abilities and friendly dispositions. Your experience at the Maple Woods Total Control ARC will be a positive one.

Fee: $359. View available dates and to register.

Motorcycles will NOT be provided.

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BLMRA-Blue Line Motorcycle Riding Academy

You've taken a beginner's riders course and have gotten your own bike. Now what? Perhaps you've been riding your big touring bike for sometime and you and/or your passenger just don't feel as confident as you'd like. The advanced riding skills needed to maneuver today's large cruisers and touring bikes are more important than ever for safe and fun motorcycling. Many so called "advanced" courses offer very little to improving the beginner rider and do even less to correct bad habits of many experienced riders. Do you marvel when you see a motorcycle cop making a tight U-turn on a big police cruiser? Have you seen an internet video of a motor cop effortlessly riding thru as sea of orange cones and said, "I wish I could ride like that?" Blue Line Motorcycle Riding Academy was created by a police motorcycle instructor with over 25 yrs. of experience in training Police motorcycle officers and civilians, to give civilians the chance to learn the same techniques the Motor Cops have been using for decades.

What it Covers:

THIS IS A RIDING COURSE. THERE IS NO CLASSROOM. During the morning session, students will ride their motorcycles thru several different confined space cone exercises while learning to utilize lock-to-lock techniques and subtle clutch and throttle inputs unique for each exercise. During the afternoon session, students will learn emergency braking and hazard avoidance techniques as well as confined space riding amongst other motorcycles. YOU WILL BE LEARNING TO LEAN YOUR BIKE!

After we cover a few administrative details, we will prep the bikes for riding. Now we don't want you to drop your bike any more than we want to drop ours, so we'll show you a few tricks about how to protect it.

BLMRA Requirements:

Rain or shine we will be riding, so have all your equipment with you when you arrive. Please bring a sack lunch, as we will take a short break for lunch and then continue riding.

Equipment you will need: (M) MANDATORY (O) OPTIONAL

  • M - your own motorcycle 800 cc's or greater. MOTORCYCLES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED
  • M - motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license
  • M - DOT approved helmet
  • M - shatter resistant eye protection
  • M - over the ankle footwear
  • M - full length pants (jeans or comparable)
  • O - raingear (we will ride regardless the weather)
  • O - jackets
  • Shirts (no tank top or sleeveless. Short sleeve is ok)
The 6 R's of BLMRA training:
  • RELEVANT - encountered on the street
  • REALISTIC - you can do on a motorcycle
  • RECENT - current techniques
  • REPETITION - training for a panic response
  • REVIEW - demonstrable and measurable
  • RESPONSIBLE - opportunity for improvement

The Blue Line Motorcycle Riding Academy coaches are highly trained and carefully handpicked for their teaching abilities. Using a building block approach, you will begin learning techniques that you will continue to use and build upon as you progress thru the exercises. We hope these techniques will help keep you out of the emergency room and your bike out of the shop!

Fee: $300. We are not offering this class for the 2018 season.

Motorcycles will NOT be provided.

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