Student employment at MCC

Here at MCC, we see student employment as career development. Working as a student employee allows students to earn a paycheck while taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience of working on campus. Students can also gain:

  • Valuable skills and experience to include on a resume. This is especially important for those students who may have a limited work history.
  • An opportunity to make connections and build a network of support
  • Exposure to a real employment setting where they can begin to develop their unique brand. "What kind of employee am I?"
  • Mastering the basics of professional communication
  • An understanding of the job search/hiring process
  • Knowledge of expectations in a professional workplace

Types of student employment and eligibility

Federal work study

Federal Work Study requires enrollment at MCC for the semesters employed. The work study program is based on financial need and eligibility is determined by filling out the FAFSA. The Federal Work Study program provides need-based funds for students to earn money while working on-campus or at approved off-campus sites.

Student regular

Regular students requires enrollment at MCC for the semesters employed - at least 6 credit hours in Fall and Spring and 3 credit hours in Summer. FAFSA completion is not required for these positions.

International student

International students are eligible for only Student Regular positions and must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours for Fall and Spring. Summer credit hours are not required, but if employed during Summer, student must be enrolled in the following Fall semester. FAFSA completion is not required for these positions.

For more information contact your Career Services Office.

Student applicants with disabilities, needing accommodations in the application process or in employment should notify Human Resources at 816.604.1256.