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In Case of Emergency: Dial 911

Contact Info

MCC Police Department
Campus Phone: 1200
Other Phone: 816.604.1200
Non-Emergencies: 816.604.1111

City Police Department: 911

Fire Department: 911

Ambulance: 911

Environmental Health & Safety
SDS for Emergencies contact
604.1124 or 604.1370

HAZMAT Response:

All employees and students should become familiar with fire evacuation routes posted throughout all MCC buildings. Extinguishing fires by non-trained personnel is not recommended. Employees should exercise extreme caution when extinguishing a small fire (a small fire is one that is no larger than a waste basket) and should consider their experience and training in the use of a fire extinguisher and other individual limiting factors before deciding to do so.

Those detecting smoke or fire should:

All Personnel and Students

  • Call 911 immediately, and then call the MCC police department at 816.604.1200.  
  • If in a building, pull the nearest fire alarm and evacuate the building.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • If you see smoke, use an alternative escape route.
  • Help ensure everyone in your immediate area evacuates the building, including those who may require special assistance.
  • Report the location of any disabled individuals to police, fire personnel, and emergency medical personnel if needed.
  • Test doors with the back of your hand before opening them. If the door is warm or if you see smoke, use an alternate escape route.
  • Check paths for safety before proceeding and close doors behind you.
  • Crawl low if you have to go through smoke.
  • Go to a safe area or to a pre-assigned exterior area for your building.
  • If you suspect that someone is missing or trapped, contact the emergency personnel outside the building or call 911 and the MCC police department at 816.604.1200.
  • If you are trapped during a fire emergency, close all doors between you and the fire. Stuff cracks around the doors to keep out smoke. Wait at a safe window and signal or call for help. Call 911 and the MCC police department at 816.604.1200 and tell them exactly where you are.
  • Stop, drop and roll if your clothing catches fire.
  • Provide assistance if possible to those who need help in evacuating the building.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the MCC police department has declared it safe to do so.

MCC Police Department

  • Respond immediately, assess threats and take appropriate action per established police procedures.
  • Notify the campus president and chancellor’s office.
  • Coordinate with appropriate external law enforcement and public safety agencies responding to assist in the incident.

Campus President

  • Activate your campus unified incident command team to ensure safe and comprehensive response actions are taken to preserve life and property, and that appropriate information is being reported and shared in a timely manner.
  • If the campus administration building is impacted by the fire, initiate evacuation of the building and proceed to the pre-designated alternate campus command post.
  • Remain on-scene and assist police, fire personnel or and other external responders.
  • Participate in the chancellor’s unified command.
  • Develop a comprehensive report to the chancellor regarding any injuries, fatalities or property losses.

All Managers/Supervisors/Division Chairs

  • Ensure all persons within your respective chain-of-command or physical area comply with the evacuation order.
  • Report the location of any disabled individuals to police, fire personnel, and emergency medical personnel if needed.  
  • Once a room is evacuated, shut the door but do not lock it.
  • Do not allow re-entry into the work area until cleared to do so by the MCC police department.

Classroom Instructors

  • Upon receiving an alarm or notification, ensure students exit the classroom and are directed out the nearest building exit.
  • Determine if any of your students require help to evacuate the building and take appropriate actions to assist them.
  • Report the location of any disabled individuals to police, fire personnel, and emergency medical personnel if needed.
  • Classroom doors should be closed but not locked, and re-entry to the classroom should not be made until cleared to do so by the MCC police department.

Facilities Supervisor

  • Shut down all ventilation systems in the building.
  • Locate the main breaker box for the affected building and communicate that location to police or fire personnel.
  • Participate in the campus president’s unified command structure.
Last Modified: 5/22/19