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All driver education sessions for summer 2014 are now full.

We appreciate your interest and encourage you to check back for new sessions to be offered in summer 2015.  For questions or concerns about our driver education courses, please call 816.604.6652 for assistance.

Driver Education provides a student driver the skills and mental attitudes to become the most competent, skillful, responsible driver possible. This serves as a base for parents to continue the instruction and supervision of their young driver in developing the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude needed to become a safe driver.

This nine-day course delivers classroom instruction, in-car observation with other students and actual behind the wheel driving practice.  Driving will take place on the MCC-Blue River Precision Driving Course (PDC), located just east of the main Blue River campus, as well as on the street and is taught by highly-trained, veteran police officers.

REQUIREMENTS:  Students must be 15 years of age at the start of the course and have their driver’s permit with them at all times while in the course.  Students who forget their permit will not be allowed to drive.  Please note that students cannot wear sandals or flip-flops during this course.

Four sessions are available: 

  • June 2 – June 12
  • June 23 – July 3
  • July 14 – July 24
  • August 4 – August 14

Class fee is $399

Call 816.604.6652 for information and to register.


Each nine-day course is structured as follows:

Week One

Monday - Friday
Classroom Instruction: 9-10 a.m.
Driving Instruction: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Note on Friday instruction:
Students may report directly to the PDC (driving center), at instructor's discretion.  STUDENTS SHOULD CHECK WITH THE INSTRUCTOR DURING THURSDAY'S CLASS TO CONFIRM WHERE TO REPORT ON FRIDAY MORNING.

Week Two

Monday - Thursday
Classroom Instruction: 9-10 a.m.
Driving Instruction: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

There will be a lunch break each day. Students may bring lunch or lunch money.



Frequently Asked Questions


What age do you have to be to take this course?

  • Students must be 15 years old before the first day of the class.
  • Students need not be high school age. Older students are welcome.


Is a driving permit required?

  • Yes


How long is the course?

  • There are 40-45 hours of instruction (allowing for lunch breaks), spread over nine days, depending on the number of students in class.  A maximum of 16 students are allowed per class.


How much drive time does each student receive?

  • Students must drive at least six hours and may receive more, depending on the size of the class.


What if a student misses his/her driving time?

  • If there is an unavoidable emergency, make up times may be arranged.
  • Avoidable absences and/or additional road driving lessons may be arranged with the driving instructor at $30 an hour.


I heard that driving will be solely at the Precision Driving Course (PDC), commonly referred to as the “driving range.”

  • Some driving will be held at the PDC, but a majority of the driving will be on the road.


Where will the classroom instruction be held?

  • Classroom instruction will be held at the MCC-Blue River Independence Campus, in the Public Safety (PSI) building, room 110.
    • Students can be dropped off at MCC-Blue River PSI each Monday through Thursday morning.
    • Students can be dropped off at the PDC on Friday morning.
    • Students can be picked up in the afternoon at the PDC all nine days of the course.


How do students get from the main campus to the driving area?

  • Students will be escorted to the PDC by their Driver Education instructors, in vehicles owned and maintained by MCC-Blue River. 


Who are the instructors?

  • All Driver Education instructors are current, licensed police officers as well as MCC employees and are highly trained in driving education.


Is there a footwear or dress code?

  • Yes.  Students CANNOT wear sandals or flip-flops.  Sneakers/tennis shoes are the preferred footwear.
  • Females should not wear skirts or dresses.  Blue jeans or long shorts are the preferred dress for both male and female students.


Is there time for lunch?

  • Yes.  Students may either bring lunch or bring lunch money.  During driving practice, students will go through a “drive through” for lunch or, time depending, may stop and go into a “fast food” restaurant for lunch.



For further information or additional questions, please call 816.604.6652.


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