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Faculty NameSubjectCredentialsInstructor Type
MacEwen, Eric CSIS  Part-time Faculty 
Mack, Donna SIGN Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Mack, Jeffery ENGL  Part-time Faculty 
Macke, Gerald CSIS Master's Degree Full-time Faculty 
Madden, Ricky PHED  Part-time Faculty 
Madison, Opzerine RNUR  Part-time Faculty 
Magee, Linda READ Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
MAGNUSON, MATTHEW BSAD  Part-time Faculty 
Mahl, Janice ENGL Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
Mahoney, Anne COMM, THEA Master of Arts Part-time Faculty 
Main, Ryan MUSI  Part-time Faculty 
Maina, Lincoln CHEM  Part-time Faculty 
Mallams, Robert EDUC  Part-time Faculty 
Malone, Sean ENGL  Part-time Faculty 
Maltby, Carole VETT Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Part-time Faculty 
Manco, Jessica ART Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
Mann, Terrell CDCG Master of Arts Part-time Faculty 
Mann, Karen BIOL Doctor of Chiropractic Part-time Faculty 
Manson, Joseph CSMG, INTE  Full-time Faculty 
Mao, Kuoray SOCI Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
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