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Faculty NameSubjectCredentialsInstructor Type
Fabrizio, Michael ENGL  Part-time Faculty 
Fairbank, Christopher EMTP  Part-time Faculty 
Fairbanks, William AUTO Bachelor of Science Part-time Faculty 
Farnan, Sheryl APTX Doctor of Philosophy Full-time Faculty 
FARR, SAMANTHA ESL  Part-time Faculty 
Fasi, DeAnna PSYC, HUMS  Part-time Faculty 
Fay, Thomas PHED Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
Fears, Myron MSCM  Part-time Faculty 
FELDSTEIN, JENNA ENGL  Part-time Faculty 
Fencl, Gary CSIS  Part-time Faculty 
Fenster, Eugene BIOL Doctor of Philosophy Full-time Faculty 
Ferguson-Tripp, Deborah READ  Part-time Faculty 
Ferreira, Ava PNUR  Part-time Faculty 
FEY, CALEB ART  Part-time Faculty 
Fiedler, Phyllis READ Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
FIELDS, ROBERT CRJU  Part-time Faculty 
Fields, Sherry READ  Part-time Faculty 
Filipowicz, Ronald PHED Associate Degree Part-time Faculty 
Fischer, Jeffrey BIOL  Part-time Faculty 
Fishback, Tony MUSI Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
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