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Faculty NameSubjectCredentialsInstructor Type
Cady, Sherry MATH Master of Arts Part-time Faculty 
Caldwell, Judith MATH Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Campbell, Joseph POLS  Part-time Faculty 
Campbell, Teresa ART Bachelor Degree Part-time Faculty 
Canaday, Lynn BSAD Master of Science Full-time Faculty 
Canow, Anja GERM Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
Canow, Kurt ENGL, HUMN Master of Arts Full-time Faculty 
Cantrell, Christina BIOL Doctor of Chiropractic Part-time Faculty 
Capotosto, William MATH Master of Science Part-time Faculty 
CAPRA, SARA ENGL  Part-time Faculty 
Carter, Charles PHED  Part-time Faculty 
CARTER, JANET ESL  Part-time Faculty 
Carter, Maridella ENGL Doctorate Degree Part-time Faculty 
Carvalho, Sara BSAD  Part-time Faculty 
Case, Clydia PSYC Doctor of Philosophy Part-time Faculty 
Casper, Kerry PHED  Part-time Faculty 
Cassell, David GEOL Doctor of Philosophy Part-time Faculty 
Castillon, Cynthia EDUC, GUID Master of Science Full-time Faculty 
Cato, Jerrold MUSI  Part-time Faculty 
Chambers, Jeff GEOL Master's Degree Part-time Faculty 
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