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MCC-Penn Valley
Francis Institute
3201 Southwest Trafficway
Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: 816.604.4142
Fax: 816.759.4527
Email: Francis.Institute@mcckc.edu

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Strengths-Based Coaching® is now available online! Join us for this 15-hour blended learning opportunity. Strengths-Based Coaching®

10 Tips for Coaching Adults:
An Emotionally Healthy Approach

(Young Children - January 2011)

Paid Interships from Cerner

New 2+2 partnership with MO Western!

Ten Tips for Coaching Adults:
An Emotionally Healthy Approach
(Young Children - January 2011)


Francis Institute Philosophy

Skilled and dedicated teachers inspiring children and youth to reach their full potential

Creating a professional workforce for the care and education of children and youth


  1. Excellence: We are accountable for the work that we do and are committed to achieving results and positive outcomes. We strive to model "best practices" in the field.
  2. Diversity: We respect the importance of each individual's culture, religion, ethnicity and lifestyle choice.
  3. Respect: We treat each person honestly with fairness, dignity and compassion.
  4. Collaboration: We work in cooperation with others to strengthen the profession and the community to make the best use of our resources.
  5. Professionalism: We are competent and highly skilled in our field, and we aspire to the highest quality in everything we do.
  6. Accessibility: We offer services that are affordable and available through a variety of delivery methods.
  7. Creativity: We explore and develop innovative ways to enhance our programs.
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