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ABLE Program

At the end of the spring 2015 semester, the MCC-Longview ABLE program will not continue providing these services. New and returning students may continue to access the free student support services that are provided by Longview's Disability Support Services office and Student Success Center.

What is the ABLE Program?

ABLE is a unique, nationally recognized program of academic studies and support that enables students to become successful independent learners and self-advocates. This comprehensive program provides academic support for students with Learning Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other neurological diagnoses.

For admission to the program, students must provide documentation of neurological disability and meet eligibility criteria. An initial interview with ABLE personnel is the first step in determining if the program is a “good fit” for the student. An additional per-credit-hour fee is charged for courses taken through the ABLE program.

Through Guided Study classes, support groups, and course-specific tutoring, students are given the personal and academic tools they need to become master students. This personalized approach makes all the difference! Students have not only the intensive support of ABLE and college personnel, but the camaraderie of a peer group with common goals and challenges.

View a video that students in the ABLE program made to help others understand the ABLE program.

For students enrolling at MCC-Longview:
Call 816.604.2053, or e-mail the ABLE Program office at: Kay Owens.

College Resources, Additional Details:

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