Professional Nursing

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Campus:MCC-Penn Valley, Health Science Institute
Interim Director of Nursing: Shelli Ely
For program information please call 816.604.4175.
Application period: For fall semester, the second Wednesday in January through the fourth Wednesday in January (4:30 p.m.). For spring, first Wednesday in August - third Wednesday in August (4:30 p.m.)

Effective Summer 2012

MCC provides many ways to help pay for your education. See financial aid, scholarships, loans and more here. There is also a tuition payment plan. For additional information on tuition and fees, go here. All costs are subject to change without notice.

Description of charges   Cost
Tuition (based on place of residence and 70 credit hours)  
In-district @ $92.00 per credit hour   $6,440
Out-of-district @ $172.00 per credit hour   $12,040
Out-of-state @ $226.00 per credit hour, includes international students   $15,820
Other program fees    
Books: Includes required nursing texts only. To purchase additional recommended texts, add $209   $1,000
Supplies   $500
Liability insurance @ $25 per clinical course (6 courses)   $150
Clinical lab fee @ $600 per clinical course (6 courses))   $3,600
Science lab fee @ $14 per lab hour (11 lab hours)   $154
Evaluation assessment fee. 1st semester-$285, 2nd semester-$170, 3rd semester-$170, 4th semester-$210   $835
Practice bag fee (first semester only)   $145
Simulation/technology fee. For courses using the HPSL. 1st semester-$400, 2nd semester-$400, 3rd semester-$800, 4th semester-$400   $2,000
National Student Nurse Association (NSNA) membership, $50 dollars first and third semester   $100
Criminal background check   $52
Family Care Safety Registry   $12
NCLEX & Missouri State Board of Nursing Fees   $305
Total other program fees   $8,853
Total program costs (tuition + fees)    
In-district   $15,293
Out-of-district   $20,893
Out-of-state/international   $24,673

Note: All costs are subject to change without notice

For additional information on Tuition & Fees and Tuition Payment Installments, go to

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