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Associate in Arts

General information for all A.A. degree seekers

Effective Fall 2014 (for students who enrolled before Fall 2014, consult this degree plan)

MCC's Associate in Arts degree provides a well-rounded educational foundation that prepares students to select appropriate majors/career paths, helps them transfer and successfully complete baccalaureate degrees.

Students who plan to earn an Associate in Arts degree should meet with an advisor or counselor to make sure they're taking the right classes. This degree prepares them for further study in any of the following areas:

Anthropology Mass Communications
Art Mathematics
Biology Music
Business Nursing
Chemistry Philosophy
Criminal Justice Physical Education
Economics Physics
Education Political Science
English Psychology
Foreign Language Social Work
Geography Sociology
Geology Communications and Theater Arts
History Teacher Education
Human Services Journalism
American Institutions - 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

HIST 120 United States History to 1865
HIST 121 United States History Since 1865
POLS 136 Introduction to  American National Politics
POLS 137 Introduction to State and Local Politics

If a student has not completed one course which is the equivalent to one of the above courses at a Missouri institution of higher education, the student must satisfy the Missouri Constitution requirement by completing POLS 153.

Communications - 9 credits

Complete the following:

ENGL 101 Composition and Reading I and
ENGL 102 Composition and Reading II

COMM 100 Fundamentals of Speech or
COMM 102 Fundamentals of Human Communication

Humanities - 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

        PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy

        PHIL 200 Logic

        PHIL 203 Ethics

        ENGL 218 Introduction to Literature

        ENGL 220 British Literature to 1750

        ENGL 221 British Literature 1750 - Present

        ENGL 222 American Literature to 1860

        ENGL 223 American Literature 1860 - Present

        ENGL 268 Women's Literature

Mathematics - 3 credits

Complete the following: MATH 120 College Algebra or higher

Sciences - 7-10 credits

Complete two courses, one with a lab.
(Click to view the list of science courses.)

Western Civilization - 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

HIST 133 Foundations of Western Civilization

HIST 134 Modern Western Civilization

Social Sciences - 3 credits

Choose one of the following:

      ANTH 100 General Anthropology

      ANTH 110 Cultural Anthropology

      PSYC 140 General Psychology

      SOCI 160 Sociology

      ECON 210 Macroeconomics

      ECON 211 Microeconomics


Humanities Appreciation - 3 credits

Choose one of the following courses.
Click this link to see Humanities Appreciation courses

Common Core Electives -   (click to view the list of the Missouri Transfer Library courses). The number of elective hours will vary for students to meet the 42 hour general education core.

Total General Education courses - 42 credits  

The above requirements constitute the 42-credit hour block that upon completion will transfer by state policy in its entirety to any public college or university in Missouri and to those private colleges or universities that are signatories to the Missouri Credit Transfer Agreement.

General Degree Requirements:

Global Diversity (click to view the list of courses) - 3 credits

COLL 100  First Year Seminar - 1 credit

CSIS 115 Computer Concepts and Applications or higher or test out - 3 credits

Recommended Electives in Emphasis Areas for the Associate in Arts Degree



A student may take any 100 level course or above to satisfy the elective requirements for the AA. Courses designated with * could be used to fulfill the general education requirements, or elective requirements, but the same course cannot be used to fulfill both.  Recommended electives are lists of suggested courses designed to help students gain expertise in a specific area of study while pursuing the AA.  These courses are not guaranteed to transfer.  Students should consult with advisors at MCC and the receiving institutions.


Total Credit Hours Required - 60

  • All courses must be at least 100 level or higher
  • Courses can only be used once to meet degree requirements
  • Students who are waived from CSIS 115 or COLL 100 will have additional elective hours
  • Students earn a General Education Certificate by completing the Core 42.  These hours are accepted at most Missouri public institutions of higher education as meeting the general education requirements
  • Students may apply up to four hours of credit selected from music performance courses and up to four hours of credit from physical education activity courses."

Total credits required for the A.A. degree - 60 credits

Last Modified: 9/19/11