Associate in Arts Teaching

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Associate in Arts Teaching

Degree information for all A.A.T. degree seekers

The Associates in Arts Teaching (AAT) degree is a pre-professional degree that prepares students to transfer to a four-year college or university offering a Bachelor's degree in Teacher Education. The AAT is a state-wide approved program and when completed in its entirety meets the first 2 years certification requirements for individuals pursuing either an early childhood, elementary or secondary education degree.

Degree Requirements

In order to receive the degree of AAT, students must complete the required courses below, obtain at least state required scores on the MoGEA, and earn a minimum 2.75 GPA.

A 3.0 GPA total is required in all education classes.  Because requirements may vary, students should consult the School of Education at the four-year transfer institution. In addition to verifying specific university minimums, education students should explore which elective courses will be accepted.

All education courses are open to both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students. For a complete list of education courses, refer to the Education section of the Course Descriptions.

Associate in Arts Teaching Degree

  COLL 100 First Year Seminar 1
American Institutions: (2 courses, one must be HIST)
    HIST 120, 121, POLS 135, 136, 137 6
    ENGL 101 3
    ENGL 102 3
    SPDR 100 or SPDR 102 3
    MATH 119: College Mathematics or higher 3
Humanities: (3 courses, 3 areas of study, 1 course must be Lit. or Phil.)
    Art History or ART 108 3
    Foreign Language 101 or higher 3-5
    HUMN 3
    Literature 3
    COMM 112 3
    MUSI 108, 116 or 160 3
    PHIL 3
    COMM 112, 128, 204, 223, 228, 233, THEA 106, 114 3
    HIST/HUMN 133 or 134 3
Natural Sciences: (2 courses, 1 Biological and 1 Physical)
    BIOL (Must include laboratory) 5
    CHEM, GEOG, GEOL (excluding GEOL 225), or PHYS (Must include laboratory) 4-5
Social Sciences: (2 courses, 2 areas of study)
    ANTH 3
    ECON 3
    GEOG (excluding 104,110 and GIS Courses) 3
    HIST 3
    POLS 3
    PSYC 3
    SOCI 3
    SOSC 3
    EDUC 200 Foundations of Education 3
    EDUC 201 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 3
    EDUC 270 Educational Psychology 3
    EDUC 280 Technology for Teachers 3
Electives: (courses must be numbered 100 or higher) Working closely with both campus advisors and MCC education faculty is imperative when selecting electives. Electives will vary based on transfer institution and 4 year degree plan. Additionally there are elective courses that will be extremely beneficial for passing the MoGEA exam. (EDUC 285 Education of Exceptional Learners can be used as an elective.) 8

  • All courses must be at least 100 level or higher
  • Courses can only be used once to meet degree requirements
  • Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.00 for Education courses.
  • Students must achieve state minimum scores on each section of the MoGEA.
  • We recognize that four-year transfer institutions may have additional requirements including higher GPA, higher MoGEA scores, or additional courses that could be taken at the community college level. Students are encouraged to work closely with an advisor from the receiving institution so that they may understand and prepare to meet all entrance requirements.
Last Modified: 9/19/11