Computer Science/Information Systems

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Program Overview

MCC Campus(s): Blue River, Longview, Maple Woods, Penn Valley
BR-Melissa Napper, 604.6506
LV-Cindy Herbert, 604.2356
MW-Larry Reichard, 604.3140
PV-Karen Curls, 604.4284
BTC-Katherine Ellis, 604.5449

Degree and Certificates Awarded

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It's an I.T. world. Information technology has been one of the fastest growing careers for several years. With the rise of the internet, those with I.T. skills will be in strong demand. More than one million computer and IT careers and IT related jobs are expected to be added to the U.S. workforce by 2014.

We'll give you quality training to succeed at a cost you can afford. You'll learn in state-of-the-art labs and receive hands-on training - the only way to get a solid computer education. For many classes, we provide evening, weekend or Internet options to fit your education around a busy schedule.

Our extensive selection of courses and degree/certificate options include several paths you can take.

  • A two-year transfer degree that covers the general education requirements you will need at your transfer school: the Associate in Computer Science degree.
  • A two-year Associate in Applied Science degree that provides a solid foundation for immediate entry into the job market. Three areas of emphasis let you specialize.
  • Cisco degrees and certificates. Our programs that cover Cisco, the world leader in networking for the internet, are a part of our Cisco Academy.

If you have current industry credentials, you may be able to receive college credit for them at no charge. Learn more about CSIS Industry Credit By Examination at MCC (pdf).

Last Modified: 8/3/15