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Program Overview

MCC Campus(s): Longview
Contacts: Rory Perrodin, 816.604.2288

Degree and Certificates Awarded


Our program has been ranked #1 in the nation for post-secondary automotive training by the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association/ American Vocational Association. It is accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation. And it has received a major award from the US Department of Education. You won't find better automotive technology training anywhere.

Our instructors know vehicles inside out. Our testing equipment is state of the art. Our facility is bright, spacious and well stocked with tools, equipment and components. We keep a fleet of more than 60 late-model cars just for students to train on. Our reputation is solid: area employers know and respect our program. They come to us for the best entry-level technicians.

To Apply

Students who wish to enroll in classes which count towards the General Automotive or Collision Repair programs, or ASE test preparation should follow three steps shown below:

  1. Complete an online MCC Admissions Application
  2. Schedule and take Placement Tests for Math, Reading and/or English (or submit ACT scores).

    After this, the regular MCC enrollment process would be followed. See this section to see how to finish becoming an MCC-Longview student.

    Entry into either the GM ASEP or Ford ASSET programs requires additional steps before a student is approved. If a student is applying to GM or Ford, add these steps:

  3. Take the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude test (available only from the LV Testing Center office).
  4. An interview with the Director of Automotive Programs to evaluate Bennett scores, plus a review of their GM or Ford application.

    If the student applicant is confirmed after step #4, also add:

  5. Interviews with the instructors of the GM or Ford program
  6. Interviews with a sponsoring GM or Ford dealership.

Students who successfully complete the six Automotive application steps and are accepted into the GM or Ford program continue with the rest of the regular MCC enrollment process.


Last Modified: 8/6/13