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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus(s):Blue River: Public Safety Institute
Contact: 816.604.6700

What if I am EMT certified?
The Academy separates EMT from Firefighter I and II. Therefore, if you are EMT certified you only have to attend Firefighter I and II and the Haz Mat courses.

What is the age requirement for the Academy?
You must be 18 years of age. However, it is strongly encouraged for you to go ahead with your college career until you are close to the age of 21. Most departments are not accepting applications until you are 21.

What if I cannot find my birth certificate?
If you live in Jackson County, you can go to the Jackson County Health Department and they will print you out a certified birth certificate. If you live outside of Jackson County, you must apply to the state in which you reside.

Do I get paid to go through the Academy?
No. This is a vocational training program.

Do I have to have a doctor's physical before I turn in my application?
Yes, we can only accept completed applications.

Will financial aid cover this program?
Yes, if you are eligible. The financial aid process is the same as the community college for regular college courses. Fees are due before classes begin.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes. For more information, please contact the MCC-Blue River business office.

Do you have job placement and what is the hiring rate?
No. We do have a job board that announces when job openings are available. While you are in the Academy you are taught how to write resumes, do interviews and oral boards etc for fire department employment. The hiring rate is about 90%.

Where do we pay our fees?
At the MCC-Blue River business office.

Can I work while attending the Academy?
Yes but due to the intensity of training it is not encouraged.

Is there homework and tests?
Yes, there is homework almost every day and quizzes 2-3 times a week.

What certifications do you offer?
We offer Firefighter I and II, Haz Mat Ops and Awareness, CPAT and Basic EMT certifications.

Why do I need a Hep.B shot, TB skin test and TD booster?
These are all required for the clinical training for the EMT certification.

What is the deadline for returning the application?
The Fire Academy fills up 6-8 months in advance, so the sooner the better.

Do I have to complete the degree plan to become a Firefighter?
No, but it is a good idea. Obtaining a job as a firefighter is a competitive process. So the more education you have the more employable you are. It will also make it easier for advancement once you are a firefighter.

What type of Physical Training is involved in the Academy?
You will have PT (Physical Training) 3 days a week, M,W,F, for an hour a day. The training may include running, sit-ups, push-ups, and other aerobic exercises.

What are the hours for the Academy?
The full-time academy meets M-F, 7:30am-5pm for about four months and classes begin in January and August. The part-time academy meets Monday - Thursday, 5:30pm-10pm and alternating Saturdays 8am-5pm for about eight months. The part-time classes begin in January.

Is there a background check required for entrance into the Fire Academy?
There is not a background check required for the Fire Academy, but there is for the EMT course. You will receive more information about this the first day of class.


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Frequently Asked Questions are also available in this PDF file, along with Entrance Requirements for the Fire Academy.

Last Modified: 10/31/16