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ART100 - Art Fundamentals
An introduction to the formal issues of image-making including the elements and principles of art and historical awareness.

GDES110 & GDES150 - Computers in Design I & II
Continuous upgrading of hardware and software give students experience in image-making with the computer for personal and commercial purposes. Computers in Design I offers experience with Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress, and Adobe InDesign. Computers in Design II combines Adobe Photoshop with previously learned software.

ART103 - Design Foundations
An introductory study of the principles of visual perception and organization with the visual elements of line, shape, value, texture, and color. The course will primarily explore two-dimensional design in an achromatic mode.

ART108 - Survey of Art
A brief history of the Visual Arts, inlcuding painting, drawing, sculpture, and architecture. Global cultures from prehistoric times through present day are covered.

ART110, ART111, ART112, ART113 - Drawing I, II, III, & IV
Four levels of drawing investigate the formal foundations of the drawing process as applied to observational and conceptual image making. Media experimentation is emphasized. Individual projects help students strengthen their styles and techniques while exploring various media.

ART115 - Orientation to Graphic Communications
The study of the graphic communications industry and production methods from design through bindery. Emphasis is placed on current trends for the professional preparation for careers in graphic communications.

ART123 - Color Theory
An advanced study of the principles of visual perception and two-dimensional design with an emphasis in color theory and the elements of design including line, shape, value, texture.

ART130, ART131- Fashion Illustration I & II
This course covers fundamentals of fashion illustration with with emphasis on fashion drawing techniques, fabric rendering, materials, methods, and formats used by the fashion industry.

ART139, ART239, ART242, ART243 - Photography I, II, III, & IV
Four class levels of photography explore traditional film photography. Camera and darkroom techniques are developed. The place of photography in the fine arts is introduced. Students are encouraged to develop personal visions as the sequence of classes progress.

ART157 - History of Graphic Design
Students will obtain an overview of the evolution of graphic communication from pre-history through Postmodern Design and the Digital Revolution. Students will be able to identify the works of influential artists, movements, and the impacts of world historical events, technology, and social tendencies on graphic design.

GDES160, GDES210, GDES250- Graphic Design I, II, & III
An introduction to the principles of the graphic design field. This includes the study of typography, layout, production methods, analyzing client needs, idea and execution processes, defining successful elements of good visual communication, defining and analyzing trends of the graphic design industry, and career opportunities. Creative problem-solving using hand tools and the computer.

ART165 - Cartooning
Fundamentals of cartoon drawing styles and techiques used in advertising, greeting cards, gag, caricature and editorial cartoons.

ART170, ART171, ART172, ART173 - Ceramics I, II, III, IV
Students are introduced to the fundamental principles, styles and forms of ceramics working with hand-building techniques as well as throwing on a wheel. Students will learn the importance of texture, form, and unity of design. Decoration and glazing techniques are researched and explored.

ART212, ART213, ART214 - Life Drawing I, II, & III
Students explore the human form using live models while working with a variety of drawing styles and media.

ART220, ART221, ART222, ART223 - Painting I, II, III, & IV
Four levels of painting classes offer investigation into color theory, painting application, content development, familiarity with historical painting issues and diversity of expression. Basic technical competency is developed into a personal visual language. Observation and imagination are used to develop imagery.

ART230, ART231, ART232, ART233 - Sculpture I, II, III, & IV
Four class levels of sculpture explore the principles and styles of three-dimensional forms (natural, abstract, and synthetic) through the use of clay, plaster, wood, fiber, plastic, and metal. Students are introduced to the sculptural methods of addition, reduction, and substitution. Emphasis is placed on exploring sculptural materials, forms, and imagery as a means of self-expression and communication.

ART244 - Digital Photography
This class offers experience in the use of digital cameras, scanners, and computer software in the image-making process. Adobe Photoshop is the primary image editing software used.

GDES245 & GDES255- Web Design & Advanced Web Design
Concept, development, design and production, registration and launching of web sites. While visual design, color, typography, digital imagery are explored using industry standard technology.

ART250 - Printmaking
An introduction to a variety of traditional and contemporary printmaking processes, including on and off press techniques. Historical styles of printmaking and application to current trends are explored. Method of transfer used will include relief, intalio, screen printing, and lithography.

ART254, ART255, ART256- Silk Screen Printing I, II, & III
Three levels of silk-screen printing explore screen printing techniques from paper stencil to photographic technique as applied to fine art and commercial art.

GDES264 - Art Portfolio - Graphic Design
Selecting and presentation of a Graphic Design portfolio along with interviewing techniques and employment searches. (The student is in their final semester of the Graphic Design program for this class.)

ART280 - Special Studies
Individual projects involving media and techniques chosen by the student with the counsel of an instructor.

ART281 - Intro. to Digital Prepress - File Preparation
Introduction to the digital prepress process that follow a digital file from proper design techniques through output and contract proof. Emphasis proper use of fonts, graphics and page layout applications to achieve predictable, accurate results.

ART282 - Digital Prepress - Advanced Color Correction
Learn advanced color correction techniques that will turn almost any image into quality artwork. Focus on color theory (as it relates to digital media), image quality, and color calibration to achieve predictable, high quality results. Also learn proper scanning and image capture techniques for line-art, grayscale, and color originals.

ART283 - Advanced Prepress
Analysis of digital prepress files for proper construction. Emphasis on prevention for preparation and troubleshooting problem files.

ART285 - Variable Data Publishing
An overview of variable data printing technology. The course focuses on merging data and images to digitally print personalized products for data driven communications.

ART290 - Prepress Internship
Cooperative work experience in digital prepress.

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