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The Penn Valley Art Department offers a two-year degree in Graphic Design. The Graphic Design program prepares students for career tracts or continuing education in four-year institutions with state-of-the-art technology and industry-level tools. With three Macintosh computer labs MCC-Penn Valley is able to serve a broad community of students wanting to pursue a career in commercial art. Students explore a wide range of career options and could obtain employment positions including production designer, graphic designer, web designer, and art director. The program gives students skills and experience in typography, layout, image preparation, illustration/graphic creation, Web design, and print production.

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Graphic Design A.A.S. degree program
For more information: E-mail Darlene Town at
or call 816-604-4757


Recommended Semester Planner
for Graphic Design - effective 2015

[ GD plans Fall 2013 thru Spring 2015 ] [ GD plans starting Fall 2007 thru Spring 2013 ]

see skills testing info Requirements for GDES160
To qualify to enter the Graphic Design program and to be able to enroll in *GDES160–Graphic Design I (or any subsequent GDES class that it is a prerequisite for), students must successfully complete GDES110–Computers in Design I (with a C or higher) and meeting 70% or above in the Technical Skills Assessment. The competency testing will include use of the industry software tools (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign) as covered in Computers in Design I. Testing sessions will begin just before open enrollment and will continue with a few dates before the new semester starts. [These dates will be posted on our website and in the Penn Valley hallways.]
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ART 103: Design Foundations
GDES 110: Computers in Design I
ART 110: Basic Drawing I
GDES115: Intro to Graphic Arts*
ENGL 101: Composition and Reading I
COLL 100: First Year Seminar


GDES 150: Computers in Design II
(prereq: GDES 110)
ART 123: Color Theory
GDES 160: Graphic Design I * see skills testing info
(prereq: GDES 110 & pass skills test)
ART 157: History of GD
HIST 110: U.S. History I or
-HIST 121: U.S. History II (recommended)

SPDR 100: Fundamentals of Speech or
-SPDR 102: Fund. of Human Communication

ART 247: Digital Imaging
(prereq: Art 105 or GDES110) or

-GDES 280: Advanced Color Correction
(prereq: GDES110)
GDES 210: Graphic Design II *
(prereq: GDES110- or Art102, and GDES160)
GDES 245: Web Design* (GDES110, and GDES150 or concurrent)
MATH 119: College Mathematics
ART _____: Elective ____________________

GD Internship info FOURTH SEMESTE
GDES 255: Advanced Web Design
(prereq: GDES110- or Art102, and GDES245)
ART 250: Printmaking or
-ART 254: Silk Screen Printing I
GDES 250: Graphic Design III
(prereq: GDES210)
GDES 220: Graphic Design - File Preparation *
(prereq: ART115 and GDES110)
GDES 264: Art Portfolio - Graphic Design *
(prereq: GDES210 and be in final semester)


RECOMMENDED ELECTIVES (based on student intent)
Graphic Design
*GDES 290: GD Internship
*GDES280: Advanced Color Correction
*ART 280: Spec.Studies (in GD)
ART 139: Photo I
ART 247: Digital Imaging
ART 138: Digital Photo
ART 242: Photo II
ART 105: Digital Foundations
*GDES 270: Illustration
ART 111: Drawing II
ART 112: Drawing III
ART 113: Drawing IV
ART 220: Painting I
ART 221: Painting II
ART 222: Painting III
ART 223: Painting IV
*APTX 130: Fashion Illustr. & Technical Drawing

ART 111: Drawing II
ART 220: Painting I
ART 170: Ceramics

* Penn Valley Campus only / All other courses can be taken at our other MCC campuses.

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