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Mascot Search Overview

Metropolitan Community College is on the move and needs your help as we search for a unifying mascot to represent each of our five campuses. College mascots are intended to create spirit, engage the community, be inclusive of the college's diverse academic programs and student body, and expand the college brand. The mascot will be utilized in college publications and advertisements, on the college website, and various collateral materials.

Read over the guidelines below before submitting your mascot choice via the MCC website. The winning mascot submission will receive a $100 gift card. Should the winning mascot have multiple entries, a random drawing will be held to determine the winner of the gift card.

  The winning entry will fit the following criteria:

  • Be unifying for the all five MCC campuses and communities
  • Represent positive qualities, ideals or associations around which people can rally
  • Consider the culture and history of both the college and communities MCC serves
  • Be broadly relevant across the MCC community, the student body and generations of alumni
  • Be easily represented in print, online, and in college materials
  • Be accompanied by a name for the mascot
  • Have the potential to translate in a visually pleasing manner (i.e. mascot costume, logo)
  • Past and current MCC mascots are not eligible

* MCC requests mascot submissions follow the above criteria, and reserves the right to remove any ideas which do not meet them.


Participation, Regulations, and Process for Submitting Mascot Ideas:

1. Current students, faculty, staff, alumni, and constituents are eligible to participate in MCC’s mascot submission process.  

2. Multiple submissions are allowed, but each idea must be submitted individually.

3. Entries must include: Mascot Name, Physical Character, History or Story, and MCC Spirit.

4. All design entries must be submitted through the MCC website or on paper through a campus life and leadership office.


All concepts that do not follow the mascot criteria guidelines and/or are incomplete will be disqualified. Decisions of Metropolitan Community College are final. The winning concept shall become the exclusive and perpetual property of Metropolitan Community College; by submitting an entry, the participant agrees to assign all rights to Metropolitan Community College. The mascot winner will be announced in January 2018. The submitter of the winning mascot will be initially credited for their idea/concept via news release, college announcement, and various social media communications channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Future uses of the mascot by Metropolitan Community College will not carry submitter attribution.


Example of Qualifying Nomination:

Mascot Name:


Physical Characteristics:

A raccoon -A raccoon with fur representing MCC's school colors.                  

History or Story:

No other school has a blue raccoon for a mascot and it has a bit of a ring to it, also there are many raccoons that live in the local area.                                              

MCC Spirit:

Raccoons are intelligent, adaptable, resourceful, and determined. Their ability to solve problems is amazing. Once they decide they want something, they come up with clever ways to get it, often quickly. I feel these traits are desirable qualities for students to strive to achieve. Raccoons are clever and curious animals that are very persistent. Raccoons are also very adaptable to their environment.

Contact Information:

First and last name / E‐mail address / Phone number / Relationship to the college (student, faculty, staff, alumni, community member, etc.)

*Any omission of the above areas may result in the disqualification of the nomination.


Last Modified: 9/28/17