PSYC 140:
General Psychology
PSYC 240:
Child Development
PSYC 245:
Adolescent Psychology
Psyc 406 PACE - Developmental Disabilities

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Matthew Westra, M.S.
Psychology Instructor
Metropolitan Community College - Longview
(formerly: Longview Community College
Social Sciences Division
Liberal Arts Building, Office 202-C 
Lee's Summit, Missouri, 64081-2105 
Office Phone: (816) 604-2374 
        Matthew.Westra(at)  e-mail is the best way to reach me.

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 Statement of Teaching Philosophy

I joined Longview Community College (Now Metropolitan Community College - Longview) in 1990 and teach several courses, listed below. My approach is to make psychology useful to students, therefore I emphasize how psychology can be applied in life. I also want students to come to their own decisions about theoretical orientations, so I try to reserve my own biases.

I have worked within each of the primary three approaches, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, and Humanistic/Existential, and try to present them so that students believe my preference is for the perspective I am discussing at the moment.

Active Comm. Book
To the left is the cover of my book,  Active Communication (1996) published by  Brooks/Cole.  I have also authored a few articles and have made contributions to the LV.C.C. Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum Project particularly addressing the myth of Common Sense. In 2004 and 2008, I've been involved with National Geographic Channel's program Taboo.
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Currently Teaching:
At MCC, I have also taught:
Psych 140: General Psychology (Classroom, Hybrid, and On Line)
Psych 144: Adjustment and Personality
Psych 240: Child Development Psych 146: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Psych 245: Adolescent Psychology    HUMS 166: Behavior Management
Psyc 406 PACE - Developmental Disabilities
at University of Missouri, Kansas City
HUMS 215:  Developmental Disabilities
     PSYC/HUMS 210: Interviewing and Interpersonal Communication

HUMS 191: Youth Development Seminar
Presentation PowerPoints:
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Anthropology 100: General Anthropology      
     ETL2010 Thinking Outside The Textbook   (PowerPoint) Anthropology 110: Cultural Anthropology        
     Child Rearing Across Cultures     (PowerPoint)
Honors Seminar: Deconstructing Tarzan                        Spring 1999
     DMACC Psychology of Terrorism   (PowerPoint) Honors Seminar: Disney: Man, Myth, & Marketing        Spring 2001
     Disability Access Fails     (PowerPoint)  Honors Seminar: Psychology of Terror & Terrorism       Fall 2010
     MCCA 2010 Thinking Outside The Textbook   (PowerPoint) Honors Seminar: Why We Eat What We Eat                 Spring 2011

Honor Seminar: The Jester - Speaking Truth to Power    Fall 2011
Workshop for a Non-Profit Organization
Honors Seminar: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theory  Fall 2012
      The Whole Person - Summer Workshop      
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