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MCC Commencement (Graduation)

Ceremony Information

MCC's commencement ceremony scheduled for May 14, 2020 is postponed. When alternative plans for commencement are announced we will post them and notify students.

Celebrating As One MCC 



Commencement Ceremony will be held at 7 p.m.
Thursday, May 14th, 2020, Municipal Auditorium.

Recommend a MCC Student Speaker for Commencement 2020

Tickets are not required. If you have a disability and need special ceremony accommodations, contact Ashley Fagan,, 816.604.1426 no later than April 12, 2020.

Making History In Historic Municipal Auditorium

Built in 1934, Municipal Auditorium was part of a "Ten Year Plan" championed by politicians including Harry S. Truman. With its streamlined, modern style, it was called one of the 10 best buildings of the world for 1935 by the Architectural Record. Today it is considered one of the 500 most important architectural works in the United States.

Municipal AuditoriumPresident Franklin D. Roosevelt was keynote speaker for the dedication of this Kansas City landmark, and nearly every president since then has campaigned there. The auditorium includes an arena and a separate Music Hall and ballroom. The building has hosted performances by Elvis and Louis Armstrong, the Kansas City Philharmonic, countless Broadway shows, nine NCAA Final Fours, and many NAIA Men’s Division 2 basketball tournaments.

Important Commencement Ceremony Information for Graduates

  • APPLY FOR GRADUATION: Applying for graduation is a required step students must complete in order to participate in the commencement ceremony.  Learn how to apply at . *To ensure your name is included in the commencement program, spring and summer graduates need to apply before March 16th, 2020.
  • STUDENTS SHOULD CONTINUE CHECKING THEIR MCC email accounts for the latest Commencement 2020 information.


Your Attire: What to Wear

  • Everyone will be dressed in identical black caps and gowns with blue and white tassels. Make sure you wear complementary colors under your gown as there is a slight “V” neckline in the gowns and a portion of your shirt will show. Also, the bottom of your legs and feet are visible, so wear appropriate shoes (no tennis shoes).
  • Caps are worn on the top of the head, not tilted off the back or side. Hairpins will help secure your cap in place.
  • Your tassel will be on the right when you start the evening, and you will be directed when to move it from right to left as a symbol of graduation..
  • The only accessories allowed over your gown are approved stoles /cords See your campus life and leadership office for details.


  • If you would like to buy personalized announcements, you may order them on-line at Jostens.  
  • Be sure to mail your announcements to guests at least ten days prior to graduation.
  • You may preregister to receive a coupon code for 20% off commencement pictures by visiting the Grad Images website.
  • Tickets are not required to attend the commencement ceremony.  You may invite as many friends and family members as you wish. 

 Parking (Downtown Parking Information 

  • Municipal Auditorium occupies the block bounded by 13th, 14th, Wyandotte and Central streets. It is adjacent to Bartle Hall.
  • The main underground parking lot across the street from Municipal Auditorium has space for 1,000 vehicles . There are 10 other public or private parking lots in the area, with varying occupancy and pricing.
  • ADA accessible parking is available in Barney Allis Plaza garage on level 2 at the south end. These parking spaces are near the tunnel that leads to Municipal Auditorium and the Convention Center. 
  • There will likely be other commencements occurring at or around the same time as yours, so let your guests know they should plan to arrive early.

 Before the Ceremony

  • The ceremony lasts approximately two hours, so please have all needs taken care of before the ceremony. Plan to attend the entire time, as your degree will not be conferred until the end.
  • Doors open at 5 p.m.  Students, faculty and administrators are invited to a private, come-and-go reception in the Exhibition Hall on the lower level from 5 p.m. until lineup. Professional photographers will take photos that can be purchased online later, and punch and cookies will be served. Follow the signs for Student Line-up. Guest seating is in the balcony.
  • ADA accessible seating is reserved on the upper level to the right of the stage. Use the elevator in the west hallway to
    access seating. Wheelchairs will not be available.These spaces will be clearly marked.  For special accommodations contact Ashley Fagan 816.604.1426.
  • Professional photographers will be available both inside and outside from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
  • As part of the decorum of the evening, there is an order to the processional and recessional. Commencement line-up begins at 6:00 p.m. on the Mezzanine Level of Municipal Auditorium. Marshals will organize the line-up. It is important to follow your cues from the marshals to know when and where to go.
  • A ceremony program will be in your seat, so do not take one from the ushers. Programs for your guests will be available in
    the balcony seating area.
  • You will not be allowed to carry anything with you during the processional except the Reader Card you will receive at the check-in tables located on the mezzanine above the exhibition hall. This card will be used to announce your name during the ceremony. If you have a concern about the correct pronunciation of your name, speak with the staffer at your campus check-in table.
  • Please silence all of your electronics. Ask your guests to do the same.

 During the Ceremony

  • We will begin the ceremony with a processional promptly at 7:00 p.m. Marshals will lead the processional and provide direction to you throughout the evening.    
  • Out of respect for your fellow graduates and their families, all commencement participants will remain in the auditorium until the conclusion of the ceremony
  • MCC encourages the proper use of social media during this solemn celebration. Feel free to post your content on social media and be sure to tag MCC. However, please be respectful of this event’s purpose and don’t let overly exuberant celebration disrupt your experience.
  • Walk slowly down the aisle, one arm's length behind the person in front of you. When you reach your seat, face the podium and remain standing until you are told to be seated.
  • You will receive cues from the podium when it is time to "walk." When it's your turn, hand your Reader Card to the individual who will read your name, then walk (no dancing, running or other gestures) across the stage and shake hands with the president or chancellor. You will receive an empty diploma cover.
  • Your picture will be taken two times: first when you are shaking hands with the president or chancellor and again as you exit the front of the stage.
  • After walking onto the stage, you will exit to the front of the stage for a photo and to be directed back to your seat.  As a sign of respect to their fellow graduates, graduates are expected to remain seated until everyone has walked across the stage. 
  • After the conferring of degrees, you will be told when to stand for the recessional. Marshals will guide you out of the arena, through the main entrance and out to a blocked off street area in front of Municipal, where you will be able to reconnect with your guests. 
  • Do NOT wait inside the entrance of Municipal to find your guests as it will be extremely congested. Make plans to meet your family and friends on 13th Street which will be blocked off from through traffic.

 After the Ceremony

  • The photographer from Grad Images will contact you about proofs of the photos taken during the ceremony. 
  • Your diploma will be mailed to you six to eight weeks after you graduate to the address in our system. Log in to your myMCCKC” account and make sure your mailing address is correct. 
  • We’re excited to see where your MCC degree or certificate takes you, and we hope that you’ll keep in touch with us. Visit and complete your alumni card. Once you’re registered, you will receive invitations to programs, services and events.

Remember to Follow the MCC Code of Conduct

  • Please remember that the student code of conduct is in effect for the commencement ceremony. Use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs and controlled substances on college premises or at any college sponsored activity, including appearing on college premises while under the influence of alcohol or drugs/controlled substances, is strictly prohibited.
  • For more information about MCC's student code of conduct, go to
Last Modified: 1/7/20