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Office of Enterprise Project Management and Institutional Effectiveness (EPMO-IE)


Part of the Office of Enterprise Project Management and Institutional Effectiveness (EPMO-IE) mission is to facilitate continuous improvement through systematic documentation of performance measures for institutional operations in support of MCC's mission and its accreditation obligations. EPMO-IE reviews progress and provides both formative and summative feedback during each yearly planning cycle. 


The philosophical provenance of institutional effectiveness is continuous improvement, which the College achieves through the development and implementation of Institutional Effectiveness Plans (IEPs). As planning units "close the loop" each cycle year, they are able to analyze the results of their plans apply lessons learned within plans for the following year. Currently, the College has more than ninety administrative planning units. 

Thereby the mainstay of MCC's Institutional Effectiveness (IE) process is the submission and implementation of IEPs, which provide for the development and implementation of unit plans that are aligned with strategic plan goal. The IE process and planning helps to ensure that all units engage initiatives that address strategic priorities in support of the College's mission, Preparing Students, Creating Opportunities, Serving Communities

Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP) Resources 

  • Institutional Effectiveness Calendar 2018-2021 (PDF)
  • IE Planning and Process Guide (PDF)
  • Developing Measurable Plans (PDF)
  • How to Make Use of Findings to "Close the Loop" (PDF)
  • IEP Evaluation Rubrics (PDF)

Contact Us

Please reach out to us anytime, for more information about the IE process or general EPMO-IE operations.


Telephone: 816.604.1233

Last Modified: 1/22/20